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Yes, I am crazy about technology

Yes, I am crazy about technology

techSome weeks ago I had a couple of job interviews, and in one of them the manager commented me: “We need someone really crazy about technology”. I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the interview, its just that when you hear all the things the job is about and you feel that 90% of them match with what you´ve been doing and you want to do in the future, it was very difficult to clear the smile on my face.

My passion for technology started when I was in primary school, so that was around 1990 or so, I was 10 years old and I was asking all the time DOS commands to a friend who already had a computer for years (I didn’t even have one yet). Then after an incredible amount of hours on BBS´s (Oh, I really got into many troubles with my dad and the phone bill) and afterwards on the Internet researching, learning, chatting with people on the other side of the world (yes it was incredible at that time!) it was inevitable, I was passionate about technology… (more…) launch launch

Hi there!

My name is Fernando and I would like to welcome you to ITCentralPoint .com, this would be a new space, a different space where you will find technology information and opinions on different matters. We are going to talk about products, technical stuff, new releases, products and services and it would be great to get all visitors opinions and participation like you!

I´ve been an IT & WebApps consultant for more than 12 years and been blogin on different places till now. was up to now my main blog which is written in  Spanish. IT Central Point will be written in english and maybe I will add spanish content as an option.

I invite you to touch base with our blog often as we are planing to write about different things we think you will like. We are always open for suggestions, so don’t be shy and contact us if you think we can add more value information to our site.