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One traffic package for all your mobile devices

One traffic package for all your mobile devices

Today I was reading an article on Gizmodo about the problematic situation of 3G/4G abonements. More and more devices you use will offer a better and more complete experience with Internet connectivity on the go (mobile).

Yesterday the Samsung Camera device was presented in Berlin IFA 2012, and together with a compact camera you have an Android device with mobile wireless connectivity to upload pictures and videos to Dropbox and other services. The problem? How many mobile subscriptions are you willing to pay for all your gadgets?

I was thinking about a way to solve this, for carriers to offer a bit better service to the people and not behaving as “Dracula” 😛

Although a workaround would be to have a MiFi device that would allow to instantly put up a hotspot to connect several of your devices, the idea is not to depend on one centralized device itself but on each device, independently.

What if providers could offer a Mobile Data plan of X amount of GB´s per month for up to 5 devices (for example) at a fair price?…