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10 things you can do to protect your digital life today

10 things you can do to protect your digital life today

Some time back a close friend called me for advice on how to protect his passwords, and more generally all of his digital information. He is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data he has to remember like passwords, usernames, etc. He knows that if he starts writing down sensitive information on paper, I will kill him. Do not write down sensitive information on paper (If you are not going to properly protect this paper of course).

On this post you will find a list of points that will probably help a lot of people, especially if they didn’t do anything of this yet.

Let me start by saying this: Your information is yours and should never be on the hands of someone else without your knowledge. A lot of people I tried to share these tips with across my life, gave me answers like: “I don’t have anything important”…

What these persons usually fail to dimension is that they are not in general conscious about the amount of data that one accumulates over time and through different services.

Today it might just be some pictures of cats and dogs, tomorrow you start adding family photos, then your bank account access information, and then other more sensitive information.

So it’s better to start securing your digital life as soon as possible, and here are some things you can do about it: