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Graphene, the material of the future

Graphene, the material of the future

Graphene - ITCentralPoint.comGraphene is a material discovered in the year 2004 by physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov in the University of Manchester, UK. The discover was so great that these guys won the 2010 Novel Prize in physics and the UK Government announced the investment of more than 20 million pounds to research and bring the use of Graphene to daily life.

A little bit of technical specs

The material is a one-atom thick layer of carbon arranged in a honeycomb lattice. When millions of these are stacked one on top of another they form graphite – a mineral consisting of carbon which is found in pencils. Is the first two-dimensional material ever to be discover and at just 0.33 manometers high, the thinnest ever observed.