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What do we expect from the Apple iPhone 5/iPhone 6

What do we expect from the Apple iPhone 5/iPhone 6

All iPhone versions -
Since the first launch of the iPhone in June 29th 2007, we cant hesitate when we say that Apple revolutionized the whole mobile phones market. The new device was just so damn good!

Since then 5 evolving versions of the iPhone got into the market each of them with an incredible succesfull rate.

Last year on October 4th 2011, the world of technology enthusiasts and Apple fans were just waiting for the announcement of the iPhone 5 and instead of that, the released version was the iPhone 4S, this didnt fit very well to the Apple fans at first, but the iPhone 4S added a significantly important main improvement, the camera. The new point and shoot device embeeded on the latest mobile from Apple was indeed very good, and the all in all experience of the phone with the latest iOS version was working as a charm. The sales of the iPhone 4S on the second quarter of 2012 were 26 million (a bit less of what they expected to sell) but still an incredible number.