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MacBook Pro and Yosemite wifi problems

Hi all, I am having problems on my own Retina MacBook Pro 15″  and also on my wife’s which is a 13″. For some reason sometimes the wifi speed is good, and sometimes is really bad.

Here you can see a complete test I shooted today with my iPhone 5S camera, please share your comments in case you have the same issues or if you know what the problem could be. Thanks!

Problems with Wifi at Heathrow airport

Problems with Wifi at Heathrow airport

heathrowSome days ago I started my holidays, and because I can’t really help myself not being improving processes during my trip, I decided to provide Arqiva the company behind the wifi service at Heathrow Terminal 5 with feedback about the strange behaviour of their service.

I connected 1 hour and a half for free to a network called “_Heathrow Wi-Fi”, after my free time was over I decided to purchase a 9 pounds plan for a 24 hours slot. (more…)