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MacBook Pro and Yosemite wifi problems

Hi all, I am having problems on my own Retina MacBook Pro 15″  and also on my wife’s which is a 13″. For some reason sometimes the wifi speed is good, and sometimes is really bad.

Here you can see a complete test I shooted today with my iPhone 5S camera, please share your comments in case you have the same issues or if you know what the problem could be. Thanks!

8 Reasons why Apple should support a mouse on the iPad

8 Reasons why Apple should support a mouse on the iPad

iPad-MouseThe following is a list of reasons on why Apple should support the use of a mouse on the iPad.

1) I already do a lot of things with the iPad. Several other things I wish to be able to do them with the iPad but I cant because using touchpad for them is really a pain.

2) Its really complicated to select a cell on an Excel sheet. OK, not Excel but any other spreadsheet App. I don’t want to zoom in to be able to correctly select the cell I want.

3) Using an RDP (Remote Desktop) or TeamViewer session with the touch interface is not comfortable at all. In the end you are trying to control a remote computer designed to work with a mouse, without it.  (more…)