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Since some weeks, I decided to start writing down the things that the Google Apps suite (including Gmail) is missing. Here are the top 10 items that compile this list. What do you think? Am I missing anything? Please leave your comment below.

1 – Google Spreadsheets: If you try to Paste an image on a Google Spreadsheet with CTRL+V you cannot. But it does work on Google Docs and Presentations.

2 – Gmail: Resizing the left bar to make it wider if we want would be pretty useful. If you use the chat on the right side, it would be great to be able to also resize this too.

3 – Gmail: The possibility to click on a checkbox in the setting to always show the Subject on Compose or Reply would be very helpful and simple to implement.

4 – Gmail: The possibility to select with CTRL multiple emails to press the “Delete” key to delete them for example could help.

5 – Gmail: Possibility to configure the behavior of the compose button, it would be great if we can set by default that by clicking on “Compose” it opens on a new completely independent window and not integrated with the main Gmail screen.

6 – Gmail: I use the All Mail label a lot, but everytime I delete an item from this view I get an annoying message confirming if I am sure I want to delete an email from all views. A simple “Don’t show this warning again” checkbox could do the trick.

7 – Google Calendar: In the Google Apps for Work world, all the information required to start meeting minutes are already there. You know the subject of the meeting, the description or agenda, the people that are on the meeting and such. Google could easily incorporate a link to complete what has been discussed on the meeting. It can easily be a Pre-Filled Google Docs for example, gosh, this would be a time saver.

8 – Google Calendar: If you want to send an email to all the assistants of a meeting that screen where you can send a message is very poor, you don’t even have possibility to edit the text format and if you expand the Window to write the message, there are no scroll bars to easily go up and down through the message itself. This screen can greatly improve.

9 – Google Calendar: When you share an attachment on a Google Apps Meeting, its permissions are not checked against all the invited people. This should be verified automatically asking to the organizer if he wants to share with all the participants the attached file/s.

10 – Google Calendar: It would be nice to be able to add bold text, underlines and such on a Google Calendar invitation.