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Since Apple introduced the lightning connector on their devices, it has been a very nice experience. You dont have to figure out on which side the connector should be plugged because it would work either way (contrary to the micro usb plug).

Unfortunately, not everything that shines is gold, and I found myself in several situations where I would love to have a lightning adapter with me.

You probably feel identified with this situation: You are on a place where several people around you only have micro usb chargers so you can’t charge your iPhone :(. Lets face it, its really uncomfortable to carry a 1m cable on your pocket, and even so, remembering to always take it with you is another hassle.

In Europe, the micro USB connector has been set as a standard for mobile devices, so Apple is obliged to at least sell an adapter that would allow you to use any micro USB cable with their lightning devices. I wanted to test this, and today I received the Apple adaptor I purchased online.

My first impression about the adaptor is how small it is, you really don’t realize this on pictures online, when measuring its only 2 cm long and just 1 cm wide, so this thing is pretty small!

After testing the adapter with a generic Micro USB cable with my MacBook Pro and verifying that it actually works as a normal original lightning cable would, I started to think how I could carry this little thing always with me without losing it.

Then, I remembered buying a keyring waterproof aluminum pill container, and guess what? It was the perfect couple to carry the connector always with me!

By being able to have this little connector with me, I don’t have to worry what type of cable I am trying to use with my Lightning Apple devices, I can just use any generic Micro USB cable that is very common nowadays.

Here in Switzerland, the adapter costs around USD 20, and can be purchased almost anywhere they sell Apple accessories. Below you can see some pictures on how it looks and you can check on AliExpress the diverse models of keyring pills holders that you can buy to carry the adapter with you, most of them with free shipping :).