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Some days ago I wrote about Android´s biggest problem: their manufacturers today after watching the interview the guys at AllThingsD made to Tim Cook (Apple´s CEO) something he said kept she said something very interesting. Although the most mobile sold devices are using Android OS not all of them are being used as they are supposed to.

And it got me thinking, which are the stats from our own blog? Well, its interesting to see, iOS is by far the most used mobile platform to access


29/4/13 to 28/5/13 ITCentralPoint Mobile devices by OS stats

If this repeats worldwide, as it seems to happen, then we can confirm Tim Cook´s saying. Of course it wouldn’t be fair to assume that stats from our humble blog can be scaled up to a worldwide stats, so I decided to confirmed this tendency after taking a look at the mobile+tablet operating system market share graph of 2013 (till today) by NetMarketShare :


Why the market leader is not the most used online?

I think the explanation of Android having 75% of the market but only 25% of real internet usage is because this OS is usually found on cheaper devices, where internet connectivity on mobile is not widely used (yet). The most interesting mobile platform for all players in this business are the ones that connect to the internet. Online shopping, ads, online services, applications, music  and more, rely on the device being online. Its a multimillionaire dollar business and everybody wants a piece of that cake.  If the device is not online then it just fits for the purpose of “simple” phone, so its not attractive from a business point of view to most of the companies around mobile.

I think that if Apple decides to launch a cheaper iPhone to gain market from Android,  they could really change the business as we know it. Apple´s exquisite design and simplicity could be available for more users worldwide, and if launched together with a campaign encouraging users to take advantage of the device getting online, could be the perfect mix that could annihilate Android.

Let´s see what will happen, do you share my thoughts? What do you think?, Please share your comment below.