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AnyList: so you dont forget to buy anything

I´ve been searching for a Grocery list App for iPhone, the idea is to share the same list with my girlfriend so both of us can add items to it, of course the items must sync between the devices automatically…

At first I´ve tried with iOS 6 Reminders, but because of a glitch I already reported to Apple the lists cant be shared (as calendars do). I tested some Apps and after not finding what I was searching for I decided to ask on Twitter, Then Jeff Hunter, one of the Co-Founder´s of the development suggested me to try AnyList…

I´ve installed the App on my girlfiend´s iPhone and on my iPad (Jeff told me they are planning to release an iPad version too so it looks nicer). Then I registered from both devices, created a list and clicked on Share, I just had to add my girlfiend´s email address and ready to go! We both had the same list of stuff, we can add items and 2 seconds later the item shows on the other device, the same happens if we check out an item…

If you are on the store you can just tap on top of an item and it will get crossed out. You can also use the filter tabs by showing all the items of a list or just the remaining ones which makes it even more confortable.

As an addon the App has a Recipies tab where you can get a lot of nice ideas to cook.

The App is free to download, it doesnt has any Ads (for now) and has already been downloaded by more than 60.000 users in just a few months of being released. For an App like this, I wouldnt mind paying a couple of bucks.

It would be great to see the App also available for Android to share between different devices, but I guess they will get there soon 🙂

Jeff Hunter and Jason Marr, the founders are two former Apple employees and decided to start their own business with AnyList as a great starting point. I hope we can see a lot of new developments from them soon.

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