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How to have Apple Wireless Keyboard volume keys (and others) work in Windows 10

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I spent a couple of hours already figuring out which drivers I would need to install to have my Apple Wireless Keyboard with numeric pad (A1843) to work on Windows 10.

I was able to pair it by just adding the Bluetooth device (as you would do for any other device) but the problem is that I wanted to use the volume up and volume down shortcuts of the keyboard.
Unfortunately Apple does not develop straight forward drivers to have their keyboards to fully work on Windows 10, I guess its too much work?

Anyways, I found a way to make this work and it works pretty well.

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It looks like HomeKit BlueTooth range is extended by other devices in your house!

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Update: I am not 100% sure this is what is working for me, it seems that the distance between the Aqua and the Apple TV sometimes reaches sometimes it doesnt. But I will keep this post for now until someone else share their tests too.

Today I bought an EVE Aqua, essentially a way to control a water tap from your mobile device. While setting it up, I was able to make it work on my dinning room table. But when installed in the patio which is some more meters further away from the Apple TV 4K (which is acting as the Home Hub) the Bluetooth signal was not reaching to the Apple TV.

I was not planning to move the TV nor the Apple TV to another location because its just impractical. I must confess I first tried “helping” both devices by wrapping them in tin foil from behind to try to concentrate the signal towards each other (I dont even know how Bluetooth signal works) but it was worth trying, as I read it helped some people boosting drone range signals. Also, it was so easy to try, so why no? unfortunately that didn’t work.

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10 things you can do to protect your digital life today

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Some time back a close friend called me for advice on how to protect his passwords, and more generally all of his digital information. He is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data he has to remember like passwords, usernames, etc. He knows that if he starts writing down sensitive information on paper, I will kill him. Do not write down sensitive information on paper (If you are not going to properly protect this paper of course).

On this post you will find a list of points that will probably help a lot of people, especially if they didn’t do anything of this yet.

Let me start by saying this: Your information is yours and should never be on the hands of someone else without your knowledge. A lot of people I tried to share these tips with across my life, gave me answers like: “I don’t have anything important”…

What these persons usually fail to dimension is that they are not in general conscious about the amount of data that one accumulates over time and through different services.

Today it might just be some pictures of cats and dogs, tomorrow you start adding family photos, then your bank account access information, and then other more sensitive information.

So it’s better to start securing your digital life as soon as possible, and here are some things you can do about it:

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How to create a Google account with your own email address

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If you ever suffered the pain of someone not being able to share Google Drive files with you because you didn’t have a Gmail account or they didn’t know it. You can create your own Google Account (like the Google identity) but using your own current email account 😉

You will also be able to use all the Google Drive functionalities (Docs, Sheets, etc.) and you will be able to share and receive shares from other Google users. Just ask them to share the document with your existing email account once you opened your account.

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How Apple & Samsung mobiles stand on Specific Absorption Rates (SAR)

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I was wondering how Apple and Samsung where doing in regards of SAR (Specific Absorption Rates) values for mobile phones so on this post I am going to share with you where some of their most known devices stand.

Mobile phones use high frequency electromagnetic fields for voice and data transmission. When you talk to someone with your mobile phone, the energy of these fields is party absorbed in the head (unless you are using a headset) or by your body if the device is for example, in your pocket.

SAR is measured in Watt per Kilogram, in order to avoid adverse health effects, the specific SAR for mobile phones cannot exceed 2 Watts per Kilogram. Currently there are no mobile phones in the market that exceed this recommended number, still I think it might be a good idea to consider the SAR value before making a purchase, or not?

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GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower R40Li R70Li R80Li Installation Videos and manuals links in English

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We acquired the Gardena R40Li robot lawnmower as it was on sale some days back and we needed a solution for maintaining our garden.

When I started checking the online videos from Gardena with the installation instructions I couldn’t find a proper YouTube playlists with all the videos together, also, the link to chapter 4 was broken, so I decided to compile all the links in this post so you dont have to waste time finding them if you need them.

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Reolink Argus 2: a wireless camera that promises to keep an eye for you

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I am searching for a couple of wireless cameras to keep an eye at my house when I am not there or even if somebody jumps into my garden when I am asleep.

There are several options out there, but very few of them actually offer to be truly wireless from a power perspective. A company based in Hong Kong called Reolink has recently launched the Argus 2 line and besides the specs that I will share below their main asset seems to be the price which seems to arrive to disrupt the market. At literally half the price of what the Arlo’s Pro 2 set of 2 cost you could potentially have 2 cameras with arguably similar results and without the need of a wireless base to connect them to.

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Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard review, a great concept but with quality issues

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I recently decided to switch back to a MacBook Pro 2017 15″ and as I use an external screen with it I needed a nice keyboard and mouse. The mouse part was an easy quick win as I got the Logitech MX Master 2S and works great.

The keyboard part though required a but more analysis and testing, my old Logitech keyboard was already getting some keys fading out after almost 6 years of use. So I started searching for other non classic options, this is how I ended up finding the keyboards. They are not commonly known but the design which was in line with the Apple keyboards but at a better price caught my attention.

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How to start with IOTA

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There are a lot of doubts on how to start with a IOTA wallet (we are talking about cryptocurrencies here). So I wrote this quick guide which got me started, sharing it with you all as it might also help you:

1 – Download the official IOTA wallet from GitHub:

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Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD Review, a half-baked dock with horrible support

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I purchased this dock to use it with my fresh MacBook Pro 15″ 2017. This is one of the few docks advertised able to power the 85w needed by the laptop to work properly. If you are interested only on the technical review, skip the immediate below section where I describe how difficult was to buy the thing in the first place. 

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