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What do we expect from the Apple iPhone 5/iPhone 6

What do we expect from the Apple iPhone 5/iPhone 6

All iPhone versions -
Since the first launch of the iPhone in June 29th 2007, we cant hesitate when we say that Apple revolutionized the whole mobile phones market. The new device was just so damn good!

Since then 5 evolving versions of the iPhone got into the market each of them with an incredible succesfull rate.

Last year on October 4th 2011, the world of technology enthusiasts and Apple fans were just waiting for the announcement of the iPhone 5 and instead of that, the released version was the iPhone 4S, this didnt fit very well to the Apple fans at first, but the iPhone 4S added a significantly important main improvement, the camera. The new point and shoot device embeeded on the latest mobile from Apple was indeed very good, and the all in all experience of the phone with the latest iOS version was working as a charm. The sales of the iPhone 4S on the second quarter of 2012 were 26 million (a bit less of what they expected to sell) but still an incredible number.

Rotate and modify images from iPad and iPhone

Rotate and modify images from iPad and iPhone

I´ve been having a problem when moving images from my iPhone and iPad to my PC. Some images that require to be rotated were not rotating when trying to use the embedded “Rotate Clockwise” or “Rotate Counter-clockwise” within Windows Explorer (right clicking on the image). I received an error “You cannot rotate this image. The file might be in use or open in another program, or the file or folder might be read-only” or also “Windows Photo Viewer can’t save the changes to this picture because there’s a problem with the picture’s file properties”

To avoid this I had to open the image on Paint or a more powerful editor to be able to rotate it and then save it again.

As you can imagine this is quite a big hassle, so after some research online, I found a tool called: “JPEG & PNG Stripper” this portable, free tool will allow you to strip the metadata that the iPhone and iPad add to the images that prevent Windows Explorer to rotate the images by right clicking on them. One good thing about this tool is that it doesnt affects at all the quality of the image itself, it just strips the metadata you dont want.

How the tool works is very simple, once you open it, you just drag and drop the iPhone/iPad images into the white space in the program windows and you are set. The default options work for me, for example I like to preserve the original date of the taken picture. Of course you can modify the options as you please 🙂
You can download the tool from the developers website here. launch launch

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My name is Fernando and I would like to welcome you to ITCentralPoint .com, this would be a new space, a different space where you will find technology information and opinions on different matters. We are going to talk about products, technical stuff, new releases, products and services and it would be great to get all visitors opinions and participation like you!

I´ve been an IT & WebApps consultant for more than 12 years and been blogin on different places till now. was up to now my main blog which is written in  Spanish. IT Central Point will be written in english and maybe I will add spanish content as an option.

I invite you to touch base with our blog often as we are planing to write about different things we think you will like. We are always open for suggestions, so don’t be shy and contact us if you think we can add more value information to our site.