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I like to share when I find a very useful application. For some time now I´ve been organizing and de-duplicating the huge collection of pictures I currently own. With today´s mobile phones and the great quality of pictures and videos they can take, its not a surprise to see a lot of files accumulating.

I had a folder with more than 45.000 pictures and videos captured with my iPhone alone, I am sure I am not alone on this boat 🙂

I found and tested a great app called PhotoMove 2.5, this program will scan any given directory and will automatically read the EXIF information of each file. EXIF stands for Exchangeable image file format and this information is saved with each photo or video you capture. Some of these details can be, when you have taken the picture, what camera was used, etc.

PhotoMove will read the information from each file and will automatically copy or move it to a target directory you specify with the specific folder structure you desire. For example I have chosen to move all my iPhone pics into a folder structure that looks like this:

iPhone Pictures & Videos \ Year \ Month

This way you can organize all your pictures per month and year, and I would manually create folders inside each month with specific events where I want to group pictures, for example a day trip.

You have a lot of options on the program, so if you want another level of folders with for example “date”, you can also have that, no issues.

I read so many great things about this application that I immediately purchased the Pro version to support the developer. It was a simple decision as the cost was “only” USD 8,99.  You can also use the FREE version if you want, but when possible I like supporting developers that create great simple apps like this one.

If you need the application for Mac, you can use it but you will need to do so from a virtual Windows machine for example through Fusion or Parallels.

Have a look at how the application looks like on the print screen below, I´ve added some tips so you can easily see the options, but dont hesitate to click on the blue “Help?” links within the application that will take you to the developer´s website help area.

If you are looking for an image de-duplicator or to find similar images, I love an app that I´ve recommended in the past called Photo Sweeper, unfortunately for Windows users its only available for Mac.