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WeChat offers cross platform video calls

WeChat offers cross platform video calls

WeChatThese days I started to try WeChat, a free WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Hangouts alternative that adds a very useful feature Video Calls. Its like Facetime but also works cross platform so although its still a bit clunky, I think it has a good future. Or at least it does until a contender with a bigger user base gets the feature on board.

WeChat is developed by a company called Tencent in China and it is available for almost every existing mobile platform (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone & Symbian).

Between the features the app offers you can find Chat with History Backup, Video Call, Moments (to share pictures with your friends), Voice Chat (what was recently added by WhatsApp and I found very useful), WebClient (to talk with our friends we have on the mobile from any computer which is geat!), Look around (offers a way to connect with people nearby using also WeChat), and a cute feature called Drift Bottle (which allows you to place a message “in a bottle” and “leave it” floating, then anybody can pick it up ¬†and see your message ūüôā


Copy any file from your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch to your PC

Copy any file from your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch to your PC

Today I was looking for an easy (non restrictive) way to get some files from my iPhone without using iTunes and I found this software iFunBox, its totally free and you don’t need to have your iPhone (for example) jail braked.

Just install it, unlock your phone, connect it to your PC and your phone contents will be shown inside the software. You can drag and drop any file you see and copy it to your PC.

The website claims you can do the following things with the software:

  • iFunBox for Windows Version 2.6
  • Import/Export music, video, photo and ringtone files
  • Accelerated thumbnail preview in Camera Roll
  • Optimized device connection 2x speed up
  • Alert for failing to connect the device
  • Fixed crashing issue on errors

Sweet ūüôā


What should Microsoft do with all the Windows Surface RT tablets

What should Microsoft do with all the Windows Surface RT tablets

Microsoft-Surface-RT (Copy)Microsoft is in problems with their “light” tablets called Surface RT, they confessed they almost lost 1 billion dollars and that they over-produced a lot of them. To try to mitigate the problem they just lowered the price tag in USD 100 offering it at USD 349, unfortunately this wont probably work for them either.

Why the Windows Surface RT didn’t work

– Its confusing, people thought they could just run their Windows software on it, but they cant! Windows RT is a totally independent operating system, so standard Windows applications wont work on it. (more…)

Get daily high rated FREE stuff from Apple App store

Get daily high rated FREE stuff from Apple App store

We all love free stuff, but when Apple decided to eject the well know AppGratis from the AppStore it was very difficult to search which application was free today in the Apple App Store.  The guys at Tekiki allows us to easily check which are the top FREE Apps available on the store on daily basis. Apple cant block it because the check is down using HTML5, not through an App.

The following is their “About” content, check them out! (more…)

BitCasa just killed the hard drive (jaw-dropping)

BitCasa just killed the hard drive (jaw-dropping)

What is BitCasa?

Bitcasa-Logo-GreenIts an application that enables an online virtual drive on your computer  that works the same way an external hard drive connected to your computer would but with steroids. It adds all the benefits of having all the information you put on this drive securely backed up online and available to access it from any device you have (PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone) no matter in which part of the world you are. You can choose to move, copy or mirror folders you have on your computer to the BitCasa drive and if you choose to move them, those files wont take space on your computer.

BitCasa explained by Tony Gauda, CEO and Co-founder

How much storage space BitCasa offers?

When I heard for the first time Tony Gauda¬īs statement “We are killing the hard drive” it¬†immediately¬†got my attention. (more…)