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18 Tips to optimize iPhone battery life with iOS 7

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batteryWith the recent launch of iOS 7 a lot of new functions could suck up our precious battery from our iPhone, we prepared a list of things that you can do to maximize its performance. Check which things you really don’t use or need and consider disabling them to get as much as battery during your day.

I personally prefer to have a balanced power administration without limiting the devices great functions. Hope this list helps you find your way too 😉 Just keep in mind that if you disable everything and you make your phone super power efficient you would be taking a big part  of the “smart” part of your phone or iPad 🙂

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Its official, Apple announced the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

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Yesterday Apple announced the so expected refreshed iPhone lineup after so much rumoring and image leakage we finally know how they look and which are their specs.

iPhone 5c
Its basically like the iPhone 5, there is only one difference, its back is build of polycarbonate available in: green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. This has simplified the building process so they could lower the price in USD 100.

Pre-orders starting on the 13th of September with delivery scheduled for the 20th.


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WeChat offers cross platform video calls

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WeChatThese days I started to try WeChat, a free WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Hangouts alternative that adds a very useful feature Video Calls. Its like Facetime but also works cross platform so although its still a bit clunky, I think it has a good future. Or at least it does until a contender with a bigger user base gets the feature on board.

WeChat is developed by a company called Tencent in China and it is available for almost every existing mobile platform (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone & Symbian).

Between the features the app offers you can find Chat with History Backup, Video Call, Moments (to share pictures with your friends), Voice Chat (what was recently added by WhatsApp and I found very useful), WebClient (to talk with our friends we have on the mobile from any computer which is geat!), Look around (offers a way to connect with people nearby using also WeChat), and a cute feature called Drift Bottle (which allows you to place a message “in a bottle” and “leave it” floating, then anybody can pick it up  and see your message 🙂

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Microsoft buys Nokia Mobile and maybe gets their new CEO with it?

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Since Microsoft announced the collaboration with Nokia in Feb. 2011, where Nokia would use almost exclusively (although there was no exclusivity contract signed) the Windows Mobile OS on their new phones, a lot of people where asking themselves, why no just simple buy the company out!. Well, now they did.

Microsoft just announced that they will be buying Nokia´s devices and services business for around USD 5 billion. They are also long term licensing their maps and some patents for another USD 2.2 billion.
Nokia will remain their business with Navteq a major player in Map data for GPS receivers and applications.

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Steve Ballmer finally leaving Microsoft

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Microsoft announced on August 23rd 2013 that Steve Ballmer, the companies CEO since Bill Gates stepped down to dedicate his life to philanthropy, is retiring in the next 12 months once a successor has been elected.

I am a strong believer in results, and what Steve Ballmer has been showing “lately” is the lack of them. I sometimes get criticized for being too honest, but its true. If you look back in the last 10 years of Microsoft the amount of successes have been very little.

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Copy any file from your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch to your PC

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Today I was looking for an easy (non restrictive) way to get some files from my iPhone without using iTunes and I found this software iFunBox, its totally free and you don’t need to have your iPhone (for example) jail braked.

Just install it, unlock your phone, connect it to your PC and your phone contents will be shown inside the software. You can drag and drop any file you see and copy it to your PC.

The website claims you can do the following things with the software:

  • iFunBox for Windows Version 2.6
  • Import/Export music, video, photo and ringtone files
  • Accelerated thumbnail preview in Camera Roll
  • Optimized device connection 2x speed up
  • Alert for failing to connect the device
  • Fixed crashing issue on errors

Sweet 🙂


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What should Microsoft do with all the Windows Surface RT tablets

Posted by on in Mobile & Tablets, Apps, Opinion & Ideas, Strategy | Comments Off on What should Microsoft do with all the Windows Surface RT tablets

Microsoft-Surface-RT (Copy)Microsoft is in problems with their “light” tablets called Surface RT, they confessed they almost lost 1 billion dollars and that they over-produced a lot of them. To try to mitigate the problem they just lowered the price tag in USD 100 offering it at USD 349, unfortunately this wont probably work for them either.

Why the Windows Surface RT didn’t work

– Its confusing, people thought they could just run their Windows software on it, but they cant! Windows RT is a totally independent operating system, so standard Windows applications wont work on it.

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Happy anniversary iPhone (and all other smartphones)

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iphone-timelineOn January 8th 2007 in the MacWorld conference held in San Francisco, Steve Jobs was very sure he was making history and he was so confident of it that he started the event with the following words: ” Good Morning, so thank you, thank you for coming, we are gonna make some history together today” he was about to reveal the iPhone to the whole world.

A couple of days ago 6 years passed since June 29th 2007, the date the first iPhone was released, and it would be fair to say it´s also the 6th birthday of the touch smartphone as we know it. Some months ago I watched again the first iPhone presentation by Steve Jobs, you can notice the strange reaction of the people, on some things they were astonished, on others they couldn’t really understand what was going on, the shock was too big.

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Apple announcements on WWDC 2013

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WWDC-2013-LogoOn Monday the 2013 Apple developer´s conference (WWDC) was held in the Moscone Center in San Francisco. There have been a lot of speculations around what the fruit company was going to announce, here is a sum up:

 iOS 7

A new version of the OS for Apple mobile devices has been announced, developers have access to a Beta version since Monday at the conference and for the rest of us (mortals) we will have to wait for September / October  for a final release. There are a lot of improvements which I personally like and finally…

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Android the most sold, but iOS the most used

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Some days ago I wrote about Android´s biggest problem: their manufacturers today after watching the interview the guys at AllThingsD made to Tim Cook (Apple´s CEO) something he said kept she said something very interesting. Although the most mobile sold devices are using Android OS not all of them are being used as they are supposed to.

And it got me thinking, which are the stats from our own blog? Well, its interesting to see, iOS is by far the most used mobile platform to access

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