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BitCasa just killed the hard drive (jaw-dropping)

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What is BitCasa?

Bitcasa-Logo-GreenIts an application that enables an online virtual drive on your computer  that works the same way an external hard drive connected to your computer would but with steroids. It adds all the benefits of having all the information you put on this drive securely backed up online and available to access it from any device you have (PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone) no matter in which part of the world you are. You can choose to move, copy or mirror folders you have on your computer to the BitCasa drive and if you choose to move them, those files wont take space on your computer.

BitCasa explained by Tony Gauda, CEO and Co-founder

How much storage space BitCasa offers?

When I heard for the first time Tony Gauda´s statement “We are killing the hard drive” it immediately got my attention.

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18 features the ideal online storage service should have

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Cloud StorageFrom month to month I check several cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. I test them and check about any new functionality their developers might add. But still, there is not one service on the market that really rules.

Companies like the two mentioned on the previous paragraph might be more well known than others but still they are missing several features and flexibility.

The following is a list of must have´s for a cloud storage service to really lead the market:

1 – Not everything in one folder:
I have several hard drives con my computers and work on a certain way with them. I don’t want to change the way I work to be able to use a service. Dropbox works very well but having to put everything into one folder really makes me sick.

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Google prefers direct relationship with customers rather than Resellers

Posted by on in Cloud & Online Services, Customer Service, Opinion & Ideas, Strategy | 2 comments

Google has a reseller agreement where they allow you to sell their Google Apps Business product. The main product of this package is that you can have your own email account with 25 GB of online space, own domain, online sync with all your devices and constant backup so you don´t loose anything. Together with it a huge amount of tools and parameters to personalize your mail experience for each user at your company no matter what size they are. Other services come with each account too, you can check the overall product on this link. I use this service for myself and has been improving a lot from month to month, and clearly is a great alternative to having your own mail servers at your office…

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Watch Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Zattoo and others from anywhere in the world

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I´ve moved to Switzerland some months ago and I don’t speak German yet which is the main language of the region I am living on. So I started to search for online solutions to be able to watch TV channels, movies and so in English and Spanish (the ones I speak). The problem is that Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and Zattoo, among other´s sometimes are not available in certain regions, or the content they provide for a particular country is very poor…

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Google: please integrate Google Drive and Picasa

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I am starting to use Google Drive and I´ve been using Picasa for a while now. Some days ago Google announced that they were going to start considering Google Drive and Picasa space as one storage unit. I believe this will make things easier for the end user, but something crucial is missing.

I needed to back up my pictures and videos, they are around 80GB of more than 10 years of scanned, and digital pictures I´ve been taking since I had my first digital Epson PhotoPC 650 camera (1 Mega pixel yeah!). As you can imagine I have to get some order to the “My Pictures” folder but until I have time to do so, I really need to have a backup of everything outside my house, you know, just in case…

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Move the default Google Drive folder to a different physical drive

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I decided to backup all my pictures and videos (80 GB) to Google Drive. For USD 5 a month I get 100 GB of storage, which is half the price of Dropbox. Anyways I love Dropbox and use it for files.

The problem I encountered for what I wanted to accomplish is that there is no option in preferences to move the Google Drive folder to another physical drive. My C drive is an SSD and I dont have enough space for storage there, thats why I needed to change it to a one of the 2 TB drives I have…

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