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WeChat offers cross platform video calls

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WeChatThese days I started to try WeChat, a free WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Hangouts alternative that adds a very useful feature Video Calls. Its like Facetime but also works cross platform so although its still a bit clunky, I think it has a good future. Or at least it does until a contender with a bigger user base gets the feature on board.

WeChat is developed by a company called Tencent in China and it is available for almost every existing mobile platform (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone & Symbian).

Between the features the app offers you can find Chat with History Backup, Video Call, Moments (to share pictures with your friends), Voice Chat (what was recently added by WhatsApp and I found very useful), WebClient (to talk with our friends we have on the mobile from any computer which is geat!), Look around (offers a way to connect with people nearby using also WeChat), and a cute feature called Drift Bottle (which allows you to place a message “in a bottle” and “leave it” floating, then anybody can pick it up  and see your message 🙂

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Microsoft buys Nokia Mobile and maybe gets their new CEO with it?

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Since Microsoft announced the collaboration with Nokia in Feb. 2011, where Nokia would use almost exclusively (although there was no exclusivity contract signed) the Windows Mobile OS on their new phones, a lot of people where asking themselves, why no just simple buy the company out!. Well, now they did.

Microsoft just announced that they will be buying Nokia´s devices and services business for around USD 5 billion. They are also long term licensing their maps and some patents for another USD 2.2 billion.
Nokia will remain their business with Navteq a major player in Map data for GPS receivers and applications.

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Steve Ballmer finally leaving Microsoft

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Microsoft announced on August 23rd 2013 that Steve Ballmer, the companies CEO since Bill Gates stepped down to dedicate his life to philanthropy, is retiring in the next 12 months once a successor has been elected.

I am a strong believer in results, and what Steve Ballmer has been showing “lately” is the lack of them. I sometimes get criticized for being too honest, but its true. If you look back in the last 10 years of Microsoft the amount of successes have been very little.

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What should Microsoft do with all the Windows Surface RT tablets

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Microsoft-Surface-RT (Copy)Microsoft is in problems with their “light” tablets called Surface RT, they confessed they almost lost 1 billion dollars and that they over-produced a lot of them. To try to mitigate the problem they just lowered the price tag in USD 100 offering it at USD 349, unfortunately this wont probably work for them either.

Why the Windows Surface RT didn’t work

– Its confusing, people thought they could just run their Windows software on it, but they cant! Windows RT is a totally independent operating system, so standard Windows applications wont work on it.

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My ideas to improve FON, the largest WiFi network in the world

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I love great ideas and FON is really one of them. Founded in the year 2005 by the Argentinean entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky in Madrid (Spain) has as a main objective to create the largest Wifi Network in the world, and gosh, they are doing it! They already have more than 11 million wifi hotspots worldwide.

How they do it?

You have to get a Wireless access point from FON (they called them Foneras) and by connecting it to your own router the Fonera will share a little bit of your Internet connection with the FON network. This way a person that could reach the Fonera range at your house could connect to the internet thanks to you. The concept is really easy, they create a separate network to ensure nobody would have access to your local network, and if you share your internet connection with a FON access point you will be able to use the whole worldwide FON network in exchange.

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The death of the USB flash drive R.I.P.

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USB-flash-drivesWithout going more back into history, I started with computers when Floppy Disks were the most effective way to transport information between computers. The Floppy was able to store up to 1.4 MB of information on each drive, then the ZIP drive arrived without too much success because it was expensive, but it was able to hold 100 MB in a single disk. It lasted enough to receive the CD at a much lower price per disc, holding 650 MB. Then till not so long ago, the DVD holding 4.7 to 9 GB of information was something very common to see, and you could frequently find a DVD recorder in almost any desktop or laptop computer.

Almost in parallel with the DVD the USB flash drive started to become something very common to see and very affordable, nowadays you can get a 64 GB flash drive for just USD 50. And you can store, delete and save again almost anything you want in it. The latest ones with USB 3 are very fast and it has been till now, the most preferred way to transport middle amount of data between places. Some people also use them as a backup media, although I don’t think is the best way to save things for backup on a USB flash drive, yes it better than nothing, but because it can get easily lost, so if you are using a flash drive to copy your stuff, make sure to keep it in a safe place. Also external hard drives which offer bigger amounts of storage for a friendlier price (1 TB for USD 70 aprox), are being used sometimes for backups, and to carry big amounts of information. Although some flash drives or pendrives (the bigger ones) will still be used for a while, the time of the smaller ones has come to a practical end.

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Why do you need an Online storage service

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I started to write this as a reply to Jay in our Copy Review post and I decided to make it into a post so everybody can read. This is Jay question:

Jay / July 25, 2013

I don’t understand Copy too well. I have not used any other Cloud storage application. I need help in understanding this: I don’t understand why all my files go to an internal folder. I’m trying to get rid of many of my files and to free up space. If it just goes to another folder in my comp, whats the use of an online storage? Please correct me if I’m wrong. TY!


Well, one of the main reasons you would like to use a Cloud Storage service is for backup outside your house. Anything you place on that folder (or with copy if you place shortcuts it will work too) will be uploaded to Copy servers, privately for your only access. This means, if…

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Bitcasa + BitTorrent Sync + NAS can play well together

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Bitcasa_NAS_BittorrentSyncIts been some months since I started my testing of BitCasa, during all this time I´ve been exchanging emails with the BitCasa team providing them feedback about problems, errors of their overall functionality and Windows/iOS apps. They have been sending me early versions of their Windows client to test, and gosh I spent hours doing it (and still do). No, I didn’t got paid, but I believe so much in the concept that I want to see the product stable and working nice.

While BitCasa has been polishing several aspects of the software and service, they are still not implementing the Dropbox/Copy main sync functionality. Yes they have a “mirror” function but its very limited and works strangely. Although several users are asking a lot of specs through I guess eventually they will add it together with a lot of great things the service could offer.

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Tech according to Leo

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Leo-Laporte-e1353465727645Not so long ago I opened the “magic” box of podcasts, till now and I don’t know why (maybe because I didn’t find the right time) I wasn’t listening to any of them nor knew the guys that were worth to listen. Some weeks ago I started to follow TWiT a Netcasts network, in fact, one of the most popular broadcasts on the internet created by Leo Laporte.

I found the time and place to listen to Leo´s podcasts, my car. I have around 50 minutes of commute time from my house to the office and as I cant read (cause I am driving :P) this was a perfect occasion to listen to podcast´s. I have to say, Leo and his colleagues are awesome, they are funny, they entertain you while giving you information about all the tech stuff you love in a clear way…

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Can Apple deliver?

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Apple_Stock_16-7-13Almost all the Apple tech media is “paralyzed” waiting for Apple news. Talking with colleagues, friends, and listening to media you can feel the same need for Apple stuff, information, something. The big fruit company is slower than what the people is expecting them to be, maybe is part of their own fault trying to do things in a different way being leaded by Tim Cook. Or maybe is that its inevitable to compare the update speed of other tech companies like Samsung or Google which seem to be faster and more dynamic.

The market is expecting a lot from Apple, and I think that if the company doesn’t deliver “this fall” this will have a significant impact on their own core, the stock´s. When the iPhone 5 was announced on September 2012 they created a beautiful product, but not an innovative one. If the new iPhone 5S / 6 has only better hardware but does the same, let me tell you, it will allow competitors to announce something revolutionary like the iPhone itself was.  Some people think Apple lost the surprise element, I still think they got it but maybe the so commercial focus of their business is clouding their judgment and they are not releasing products at the rhythm the people would like to purchase.

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