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Automatically move photos to directories or folders based on exif date taken

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I like to share when I find a very useful application. For some time now I´ve been organizing and de-duplicating the huge collection of pictures I currently own. With today´s mobile phones and the great quality of pictures and videos they can take, its not a surprise to see a lot of files accumulating.

I had a folder with more than 45.000 pictures and videos captured with my iPhone alone, I am sure I am not alone on this boat 🙂

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Microsoft LifeCam Studio webcam on Mac OS X

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I was struggling with my Microsoft Lifecam Studio webcam because it was not working properly.

I have a Retina MacBook Pro 15″  (late 2013) and I test the camera with the PhotoBooth app on Mavericks. All I was able to see was a super burned white-colored image.

After researching online for solutions I came across this program on the App store that costs USD 8. I must say, it was worth it, because from the moment I installed it, the problem was solved. Now I am able to use my camera without any troubles.

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TeamViewer a tool with hidden costs

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Several years ago, I believe 2009, I purchased a license of TeamViewer 4, we were looking for a tool that would allow us to provide remote support to our customers without the hassle of opening firewall ports. So after testing several tools at that moment, we decided to go for TeamViewer.

The application has always been expensive for our taste as a small company, but all in all, you paid one time fee every year and a half or two and you would get a very good tool with all the updates. We kept on upgrading until version 8 which was working fine for us with exception for one thing.

In version 7 & 8 they introduced the possibility to support remotely Samsung devices. It was fantastic, because we would be able to see exactly what our customer was seeing on their phones on our own screen. This allowed us to connect and help them with their mobile requirements too. So we encouraged all our customers to get Samsung Android devices because they would benefit from us to provide them support. Hey! I even made my father purchase a Samsung Galaxy S3 so I could help him with his device remotely.

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Prezi, never again boring presentations

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prezi_horizontalI recently started working in a new company, and I was asked to give a presentation about myself so that the rest of the team could know me better.

At first I didn’t know what to do, what to say, then I remembered about Prezi and ideas started to flow more, just because the tool would allow me to express myself differently.

Prezi is an amazing presentations application that can work online or offline (if you have the right plan) and would allow you to create astonishing good looking things. Forget about Powerpoint and how boring slide by slide could it be, with Prezi you get to present ideas and concepts with natural movement and flow.

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Get more of OS X Finder with TotalFinder app

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tf-logoI am learning my way on the Apple world, till now the experience is positive, but there are some things that I miss from Windows.

Finder would be the equivalence to Windows Explorer in Windows, and you use it for everything related to file management too. But I was missing some specs that I really found useful in Windows and it was the right click context menu with the Cut, Copy and Paste option. For some reason Apple decided not to include the Cut command on a right click and limits you to use the Command X key combination to Cut some files and then paste them to another location.

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Some great Black Friday deals – Mac Apps

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Check this two Black Fridays deals of Mac Apps bundles you might be interested in:

The Productive Mac Bundle (Pay what you want!)

– CopyLess: Clipboard empowerment!

– Dayspring: Your personal RSS reader.

– Privatus: Automated privacy protection.

– The Archive Browser: Browse the contents of archives: ZIP, RAR, TAR etc.

– X-Mirage: Mirror and record your iOS display on the Mac!

– Meta: Meta tagging for mail.

– SecureSend: Keep your data private!

Click on the following banner to see more details and pricing.

Paddle Holiday Bundle (Super price!)

– Dropclip: Quickly exchange Dropbox direct links!

– Dropzone: Get things done on your Mac.

– Temperature Gauge Pro: Manage your Mac temperature!

– Letter Opener Pro: No more cryptic emails!

– Throng: Stress-test your webserver!

– iResizer: Scale images without diminishing key elements!

– Time Tracker: Spend your time wisely!

– Moneybag: Money manager and financial analysis.

– SnapRuler: Effective on-screen measuring.

– Taskdesk: Lightweight to-do management from the menubar!

– Changes: Track file and directory changes; with awesome service integration.

– Toau: Less reading, more listening

Click on the following banner to see more details and pricing.


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Steve Ballmer finally leaving Microsoft

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Microsoft announced on August 23rd 2013 that Steve Ballmer, the companies CEO since Bill Gates stepped down to dedicate his life to philanthropy, is retiring in the next 12 months once a successor has been elected.

I am a strong believer in results, and what Steve Ballmer has been showing “lately” is the lack of them. I sometimes get criticized for being too honest, but its true. If you look back in the last 10 years of Microsoft the amount of successes have been very little.

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Copy any file from your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch to your PC

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Today I was looking for an easy (non restrictive) way to get some files from my iPhone without using iTunes and I found this software iFunBox, its totally free and you don’t need to have your iPhone (for example) jail braked.

Just install it, unlock your phone, connect it to your PC and your phone contents will be shown inside the software. You can drag and drop any file you see and copy it to your PC.

The website claims you can do the following things with the software:

  • iFunBox for Windows Version 2.6
  • Import/Export music, video, photo and ringtone files
  • Accelerated thumbnail preview in Camera Roll
  • Optimized device connection 2x speed up
  • Alert for failing to connect the device
  • Fixed crashing issue on errors

Sweet 🙂


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Review: EaseUS MobiSaver, Recover iOS data

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EASEUS-logoThe people at EaseUS contacted me commenting about this new software they released, its called MobiSaver and they claim I was going to be able to recover almost any item from my iOS devices, and all for FREE. I know EaseUS since some years ago and I know they have very nice file recovery products, so I decided to check it out.

As you can see on EaseUS website, the software claims to be the “World’s first FREE iPhone, iPad & iPod touch data recovery software for home user”.  You can recover: lost SMS, Contacts, Call history, Notes, Calendar, Reminders, Photos and Videos etc. directly from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, iPad 2/1 and iPod touch 4.

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Microsoft problems

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GlumSteveBallmerIts been a while since I write about Microsoft, one of my last posts about the subject was “full of anger” when they released Windows 8 obligating user´s to use a touch designed OS with a keyboard and a mouse.

A company that spent millions of dollars to develop a product was so hungry to release a tablet friendly OS that forgot the fact that 99% of their corporate market uses a keyboard and a mouse. After firing Steven Sinofsky the head of Windows unit, they are now trying to release version 8.1 which they claim will address several issues with the previous version…

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