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Google prefers direct relationship with customers rather than Resellers

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Google has a reseller agreement where they allow you to sell their Google Apps Business product. The main product of this package is that you can have your own email account with 25 GB of online space, own domain, online sync with all your devices and constant backup so you don´t loose anything. Together with it a huge amount of tools and parameters to personalize your mail experience for each user at your company no matter what size they are. Other services come with each account too, you can check the overall product on this link. I use this service for myself and has been improving a lot from month to month, and clearly is a great alternative to having your own mail servers at your office…

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5 Reasons on why the iPad Mini could shake the market

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As usual Apple rumours are all along; this time making references to the iPad Mini a 7.85” tablet to be announced soon. The spread word indicates that the new device will be announced around the 17th of October 20012 but no invitations have been received by anybody yet.

Considering all this as true, an iPad Mini could really hit the market and shake things up for everybody, some speculations state that 10 million devices has been ordered to manufacture. (UPDATE: New Image added with a filtered price list in Euros)

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Google: please integrate Google Drive and Picasa

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I am starting to use Google Drive and I´ve been using Picasa for a while now. Some days ago Google announced that they were going to start considering Google Drive and Picasa space as one storage unit. I believe this will make things easier for the end user, but something crucial is missing.

I needed to back up my pictures and videos, they are around 80GB of more than 10 years of scanned, and digital pictures I´ve been taking since I had my first digital Epson PhotoPC 650 camera (1 Mega pixel yeah!). As you can imagine I have to get some order to the “My Pictures” folder but until I have time to do so, I really need to have a backup of everything outside my house, you know, just in case…

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One traffic package for all your mobile devices

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Today I was reading an article on Gizmodo about the problematic situation of 3G/4G abonements. More and more devices you use will offer a better and more complete experience with Internet connectivity on the go (mobile).

Yesterday the Samsung Camera device was presented in Berlin IFA 2012, and together with a compact camera you have an Android device with mobile wireless connectivity to upload pictures and videos to Dropbox and other services. The problem? How many mobile subscriptions are you willing to pay for all your gadgets?

I was thinking about a way to solve this, for carriers to offer a bit better service to the people and not behaving as “Dracula” 😛

Although a workaround would be to have a MiFi device that would allow to instantly put up a hotspot to connect several of your devices, the idea is not to depend on one centralized device itself but on each device, independently.

What if providers could offer a Mobile Data plan of X amount of GB´s per month for up to 5 devices (for example) at a fair price?…

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Hi there!

My name is Fernando and I would like to welcome you to ITCentralPoint .com, this would be a new space, a different space where you will find technology information and opinions on different matters. We are going to talk about products, technical stuff, new releases, products and services and it would be great to get all visitors opinions and participation like you!

I´ve been an IT & WebApps consultant for more than 12 years and been blogin on different places till now. was up to now my main blog which is written in  Spanish. IT Central Point will be written in english and maybe I will add spanish content as an option.

I invite you to touch base with our blog often as we are planing to write about different things we think you will like. We are always open for suggestions, so don’t be shy and contact us if you think we can add more value information to our site.



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