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Copy_Horizontal_BannerUpdate Feb. 6th 2016: Copy has announced that will discontinue their service on May 1st 2016. You can read the post here.


Continuing with my “crusade” to find the perfect online storage platform, its now the turn of, a freshly launched service by Barracuda Networks a well known network and anti-spam security player in the market.

The first thing that catches your attention to try is their incredible referral system. Because they are new on this segment, they want to be sure everybody tries, and to do so they had the brilliant idea of giving away a 15 GB free account, and if you register through a referral link (like mine here) you can get 20 GB of free space. But the good part doesn’t stops here, for each person you recommend and registers to their platform through your own referral link, validates their email address and installs the client software, will credit you 5 GB of additional space. For the moment, they are not limiting how much
space you can get for free, so take advantage now if you need online storage, I already have 250 GB 535 GB:) (Update: I already passed 3  4 TB of free storage!!!)


The all in all functionality of Copy is very similar to Dropbox, you have one centralized folder where everything you move or copy there is automatically uploaded to cloud´s service and synced among your computers. You can access your files from Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices. Security wise they transfer everything over SSL and they encrypt the data on their servers using a combination of public and private key and AES 256.

But there are some specific specs that make unique and a potential market shaker:

– You don’t need to copy or move files necessarily to the main folder: This has been the most requested spec Dropbox was unable to provide since a long long time, and does it very well. You can just create a shortcut of any folder on your computer to the folder and all the content of the destination shortcut will be copied and synced online too! So no more being stuck to one folder for your stuff, just leave the things where you are used to on your PC and create shortcuts, it works beautifully. Oddly this is not advertised as a main feature on their “About” page, I think they should.

You can set permissions to files you share: allows you to set permissions on the folders you share. For example you can set a user to “Can Edit & Sync” or to “View Only”. The interface to do this unfortunately needs some polishing, I was unable to find the permissions management options within the application, for example on the sharing tab (where I think it should be) but instead, I had to go to the online website, and then to the shared folder to see the sharing permissions. Anyways the job is done, and this is also something Dropbox users have been asking since a lot ago, delivered!

– Fair Sharing: If you want to share a folder the amount of used space is splitted between the members joining the account. So if you share a 50 GB folder is not that everybody´s account will get 50 GB used (like Dropbox does), but instead all the users will give a part of their storage for that share. To explain this clearly I will paste the explanation from Zack, support at

– User A wants to share a 50GB file with User B

– User A and user B both have 100GB accounts, so in any case, this is no issue.

– User B syncs the file. Both users then see only 25GB of space used for that specific share.

– User A decides to share again with another user, User C.

– User C decides to sync and now everyone sees this share using about 16GB of space .

– User A then wants to share with user D, but user D only has a 5GB Copy account.

– User D would need about 12.5GB free to sync User A’s share (because 50GB / 4 = 12.5)

– User D would then not be able to sync that folder.

– Price Friendly: Their plans are very attractive, you start with your free 20 GB account (using a referral link), and then if you need more you can upgrade to Pro account which would give you 250 GB of space for USD 10 a month or USD 99 a year. Or if you even need more you can get a 500 GB account for USD 14,99 a month or USD 149 a year. I find their prices really fair, they actually match with the suggested prices I wrote about on this post some weeks ago 🙂

Things that need to improve

– Speed transfers: I´ve tested uploading a 1 GB file to and the speed was around 230 KB/s, is not that bad, but when compared to Dropbox the same file was being uploaded at 627 KB/s. I live in Switzerland and I have a 100 Mbps/7 Mbps cable connection.

– Security: I think a great functionality that could be added to the service is the possibility to use End to End Encryption. Not everybody feels OK with uploading their stuff to the “cloud” because of privacy. At least they could create a “Vault” folder that everything stored there will be encrypted on the client´s computer so nobody can ever get to access that information, no matter what. The “Zero Knowledge” offered by others like BitCasa, SpiderOak and CrashPlan, its really the way to go in regards of security. Being a service offered by Barracuda Network which has always worked on security products, I think this is a must for


As a new service is doing a fantastic job, their syncing works beautifully and their referral program its by far one of the bests available in regards of Online Storage platforms. If they listen to what the customers ask for and the feedback they receive from users, this service could really make a lot of noise in the market.
Test it by yourself, get 15 GB for free at directly or even better get 20 GB for free through my referral link. Let us know on the comments what do you think about the service.

Note: To get the 20 GB be sure to:

1) Register through my referral link.
2) Validate your email address by clicking on the email Copy sends (check your spam folder just in case).
3) Install the client software on your computer and log in at least once.