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I recently found out about Its like a new Dropbox, but tries to be better, I am still testing it and once I do all my testing I will write a review here.

But for now, there are two things that I found very interesting:

1) Because they are starting and they want to get themselves known, they are giving away a lot of free space. For example if you go to you get 15 GB of Free Space online. If you go through the link on this post you get 20 GB. So this means that their referral system its really great, they give 5 GB for each person you recommend. (Dropbox only gives 500 MB per referral) and even they limit it to 18 GB. I already have 115 GB 535 GB of free storage on because all the people I referred. You can refer as much people as you want (no limit) 🙂

2) They say that the files you share with another person, wont count towards their space (at least not completely). This is great, and sounds very good. When you share something in Dropbox the space counts towards your account and towards the account of the people you shared the files with (not good) 🙁

So, my suggestion would be, although is starting, they are backed up by Barracuda Networks, as you may know a very prestigious company. Get an account while the free thing lasts, is always useful to have some extra gigabytes online. And if you can promote their service you will get a lot of free space very quickly!

To get the 20 GB: Just make sure you register with our referral link, then validate your email account (they will send you an email so check your spam folder too), and then install the sync client software.

I personally will use it for example, to backup my pictures and videos and probably cancel what I pay on Google Drive 🙂

Good luck and hope this tip is good for you all as it was for me.