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Sometimes you want to paste a captured image with Snagit into a Gmail new mail and you just see an empty box instead of the image. The problem is the depth of the image captured by Snagit, and here is how to fix it.

For existing images you already captured you can do the following

In Snagit Editor (while watching the image you captured and can’t paste in Google Mail), go to the tab “Image” and then go to “Color Effects” then choose “Color Depth” and then change the drop down menu to “True Color 24 bit”. ┬áNow you should be able to paste the images without any trouble in Gmail.

If you want to make this change permanent for all the images you capture

Go to the capture profile settings, choose the little arrow beside “effects” and then go to “Color depth” and choose “Custom color depth“, set it as “True Color 24 Bits” and to end click Ok.

From now onward, every image you paste in Google Mail will work.