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We acquired the Gardena R40Li robot lawnmower as it was on sale some days back and we needed a solution for maintaining our garden.

When I started checking the online videos from Gardena with the installation instructions I couldn’t find a proper YouTube playlists with all the videos together, also, the link to chapter 4 was broken, so I decided to compile all the links in this post so you dont have to waste time finding them if you need them.

Chapter 1 Working Principle
Chapter 2 Contents of Box
Chapter 3 Robotic Lawnmower
Chapter 4 Additional functions NEW
Chapter 5 Placement charging station
Chapter 6 The Boundry & Guide Wire
Chapter 7 Wire Connecting
Chapter 8 Robotic Lawnmower Start Up
Chapter 9 Secondary Areas
Chapter 9.1 House for Robotic Lawnmower
Chapter 10 Maintenance
Chapter 11 Anti-theft/Security System
Chapter 12 Troubleshooting
Chapter 13 Winter Storage

Want them all in one YouTube playlist? You got it, check here.

Additional documentation in PDF and in English

Installation Manual can be found here.
Operators manual here.
Quick Guide instructions here.

Soon expect a review of this new addition to the family.