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tf-logoI am learning my way on the Apple world, till now the experience is positive, but there are some things that I miss from Windows.

Finder would be the equivalence to Windows Explorer in Windows, and you use it for everything related to file management too. But I was missing some specs that I really found useful in Windows and it was the right click context menu with the Cut, Copy and Paste option. For some reason Apple decided not to include the Cut command on a right click and limits you to use the Command X key combination to Cut some files and then paste them to another location.

I found a very nice application called TotalFinder that not only gives me back my right click context menu option but also adds some other interesting specs:

Dual Mode: Display two Finder windows side-by-side in dual mode.

Folders on Top: Don’t make me think. Folders should always go first in list view.

Show System Files: Show me all files on the disk. I’m not afraid to see the cruft.

The app costs USD 18 and you can try it before you buy for 14 days. Check it out & download it here.