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I wrote reviews about Bitcasa in the past, and they were in general positive. The company was missing things, but they were slowly moving forward.

Around a year ago, they decided not to sell anymore unlimited storage accounts. They were having problems with their business and paying for a lot of storage. This was sad, but this decision was not affecting existing customers. 

A year later, they decided to also cancel all existing customers with BitCasa Infinite (unlimited storage accounts), which for my point of view was the worst decision they could have ever made. They gave very little time to a lot of users who had a lot of information stored on their systems. They even got a restraining order by a court in San Francisco, urging them not to delete any files until a later date, you can read it here.

Because of their latest move not to honor existing customers. Customers who have been sticking with the company for years now, felt completely back stabbed.

I personally invested weeks of time to their product, testing it and providing them with feedback so they could improve it. I really don’t know if they took advantage of all the feedback they were receiving, and they had a very inefficient development team too. I understand with the change of the CEO this changed, but still, you could notice that they were moving more slowly than a crippled turtle.bye bye

So, overall, Bitcasa was a great concept, but how to trust a company whichs main argument was to offer unlimited storage, when afterwards they close and force you to move or delete your files in a very short period of time?

Today, this has been the turn of Bitcasa, but the lessons learned from this failure, should be captured by anybody else thinking on offering a similar service.

Sum up: Stay away from Bitcasa, they can’t be trusted.

If you use or know of any other similar service, please feel free to comment below.