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Google has a reseller agreement where they allow you to sell their Google Apps Business product. The main product of this package is that you can have your own email account with 25 GB of online space, own domain, online sync with all your devices and constant backup so you don´t loose anything. Together with it a huge amount of tools and parameters to personalize your mail experience for each user at your company no matter what size they are. Other services come with each account too, you can check the overall product on this link. I use this service for myself and has been improving a lot from month to month, and clearly is a great alternative to having your own mail servers at your office…

For resellers the cost of each account is USD 40/year. While for end customers is USD 50/year so each reseller´s profit is USD 10 per sold account.

Several companies are Google Apps Reseller just to add a product to their IT Services offering, others just want to get some money with it.

Problems I detected by being a Google Apps official reseller:

– You cant pay your invoices with credit card, this is even stated on the Google Partner Connect Agreement: “Accepted modes of payment include check or wire transfer, as detailed on the monthly invoice. Credit cards and Google Checkout are currently not accepted as modes of payment.
In some countries of the world like Argentina where my Reseller account was initially registered this is very difficult, as because of the country restrictions you cant make an international transfer, or if you are able to, then it would costs a lot  totally deceiving the purpose of earning a omission which will not be enough to pay this cost. I´ve heard a lot of people complaining about the same in Chile too.

– You cant pay for more than 1 year: Some customers would like to pay 5 years in advance to forget about the payment process. They are unable to do so because Google only offers monthly and annual payment.

So, personally, I decided not to encourage any other customer to buy through me their Google Apps Business accounts and to just get it online directly with Google where they do allow end users to pay by credit card (at least until they change this). So I don’t understand why they wont allow Resellers to pay with a credit card too.
I´ve been trying to report this since more than a year ago to Google, but nobody listens/cares. I guess Google is more interested on direct relationships with the end customers than promoting a reseller channel. I´invite any Google official to comment on the subject to clarify their position on this.