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Sometimes we wish we could visualize the screen of our iPhone or iPad on our Mac without using a third party tool like Reflector from Squirrels for example. You could want this because you need to build up a tutorial or explain something by showing the actual actions on the device and maybe post it on YouTube. Till now, maybe you have been capturing print screens of the device and then downloading somehow the images you have captures to build a manual, but who doesn’t like video? Its really nice to be able to show the exact actions to do something 🙂

Today, during a meeting with a partner, I learned a very easy and straightforward way of displaying my iPhone screen on a Mac (not sure if this also works on Windows, haven’t had the chance to test it yet).

1 – Connect your iPhone via USB to your Mac computer.

2 – Open Quicktime player.

3 – Go to file > New Movie Recording.

4 – On the new screen that will open, you will probably see yourself as the webcam gets enabled, click on the little arrow beside the “Rec” button and select your iPhone.

5 – Voilá, you should now see your iPhone’s screen. You can record it directly into a movie, or you can use an image capture software like Camtasia or Snagit to capture the screen.

Want to share any other methods? Please share your comments below.