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A Belgium bank, had the magnificent idea of showing everybody how easy would be to steal someone´s identity and empty his bank accounts.

Check this video, and next time you are about to share sensitive information, think twice. The same agency that produced this video also created one of the most viewed ads online “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square“.

Some tips for you to be on the safe zone

1 – Do not share confidential information of your bank accounts, credit cards or online payments platforms like Paypal with anybody (email, chat, phone, etc.). If someone calls you saying they need to verify some details of yours do not believe them and report the situation to the represented company…

2 – Choose your passwords wisely, the ideal passwords are combinations of letters numbers, a special character and a capital letter. For example “ITCentralpoint,13” would be a good password. If you want to keep complex different passwords for every site you can use LastPass which makes this very easy to handle and works great! I wouldn’t keep your financial information in LastPass either.

3 – Before you share sensitive information on any social network first think who has access to that information. For example, limit your Facebook posts to your friends and don’t make them Public by default, this would help you have control of your stuff. On the internet once something goes public, its pretty impossible to stop it if someone already re shared it or saved it. Also remember that more and more recruiters are checking all social networks before hiring a person, so make sure to search for yourself in LinkedIn, Facebook and Google itself to make sure you are not giving the wrong impression.