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They say hope is the last thing a man should lose, and here I am hoping Apple fixes an issue that is affecting a lot of people by creating a petition.

Accessing network shares over AFP/SMB on the MacOS Operating systems work very bad.

Listing files on a NAS its terribly slow, no matter if its over Wifi or Ethernet. Specially if you have a large amount of files on the folder.

Windows has no issues accessing the same shares with Windows Explorer with blazing fast speeds (almost instant). An example can be seen on this video I shot some time ago. The problems persists today (August 2017).

The internet is flooded by a lot of people reporting having these issues since many versions back but still in Sierra MacOS the problem persists.

This change tries to catch Apple´s attention showing them that a lot of us need this fix to be able to work properly.

Many of us have already reported this issue on Apple feedback forms. Even people try to seek for help on Apple Communities, a lot of workaround suggestions are made but none of them to fix the issues.

You can read more information on this issue by going here, or here.

Please contribute by signing this request and by sharing it in your social network channels and forums to bring as many people as possible. 

Click here to sign the petition

Thank you!