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prezi_horizontalI recently started working in a new company, and I was asked to give a presentation about myself so that the rest of the team could know me better.

At first I didn’t know what to do, what to say, then I remembered about Prezi and ideas started to flow more, just because the tool would allow me to express myself differently.

Prezi is an amazing presentations application that can work online or offline (if you have the right plan) and would allow you to create astonishing good looking things. Forget about Powerpoint and how boring slide by slide could it be, with Prezi you get to present ideas and concepts with natural movement and flow.

At the beginning I felt a little bit lost, how to edit a presentation, how to use the tools, but after a while I got it and I can say all my colleague were very happy with my presentation. Even my boss congratulate me 🙂

They have three plans, a free one called “Public” which will make all your presentations public, another one called “Enjoy” for private presentations and some space online which sots around USD 5 per month, and a Pro account that costs USD 14 and gives more space and enables you to use the offline application (ideal when you are on a plane and need to create a presentation offline). Although this is what it would cost you per month, you can only pay per full year.

In my opinion they could enable another plan or allow you to use your own storage space over FTP or Dropbox, Google Drive, Copy, etc. This way you can still have all your Prezis online without relying on their storage space.

Below you can see how a Prezi would look and some things you could do with this tool.

If you start using the app and feel a little bit lost, check their Video Tutorials page. And if you still have doubts (as a paying customer), just can contact their support team which would be more than happy to help you. For Free account you would need to stick with the tutorials and online community.

Give it a try, stop the boring PowerPoint presentations with this mature product 🙂