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Reolink Argus 2: a wireless camera that promises to keep an eye for you

I am searching for a couple of wireless cameras to keep an eye at my house when I am not there or even if somebody jumps into my garden when I am asleep.

There are several options out there, but very few of them actually offer to be truly wireless from a power perspective. A company based in Hong Kong called Reolink has recently launched the Argus 2 line and besides the specs that I will share below their main asset seems to be the price which seems to arrive to disrupt the market. At literally half the price of what the Arlo’s Pro 2 set of 2 cost you could potentially have 2 cameras with arguably similar results and without the need of a wireless base to connect them to.

Core Specs

The most important specs on a battery powered wireless camera for my taste are:

  • Long lasting rechargeable batteries.
  • Full HD to ensure good quality
  • Night vision to ensure you would be able to see if something happens on the night.
  • Weatherproof so the device can be mounted under extreme weather (I live in Switzerland and as I write this post its -6 C. outside, so its important that the device performs well even if its snowing, raining or under the direct sun in summer).
  • Tight integration with a robust mobile device app that would allow you to receive alerts and triggers if movement or specific defined alerts are configured.
  • A wide angle lens would allow you to see more.
  • Fast reaction when something happens with fast connection from your mobile.
  • Two way talk, to be able to listen and to talk back if somebody is for example at your door entry. Nice add-on a loud alarm to spook burglars or scare my wife 🙂
  • Nice to have: possibility to mount it together with a solar panel so you dont have to worry about re-charging it.

The Argus 2 seems to tick all these boxes and when I saw the attractive pricing it caught my attention.

Additionally they offer 2 years warranty, so that gives you a lot of peace of mind and a 30 day money back guarantee, which would allow you give them back in case you are not happy. They seem to be already available as of Feb. 27th 2018 as stated on their website.

Open questions

  • Does it performs as well as advertised?
  • Would I be able to configure it with my local Synology NAS to record all alerts triggered by the cameras or would only work with the local SD storage (hope not).
  • Would the battery really last long so I dont have to worry about re-charging them so often?
  • Will the connection to the camera from my mobile device be smooth and fast and not like my current D-Link which can take 20 seconds to display a semi-live image.

We reached to Reolink asking them if they can provide us a couple of review units to test them in a real world scenario. Hope they do so we can tell you if these new cameras keep up their on paper ambitious specs in real life.

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