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Some days ago, I wrote about how Apple is making their own docks for iPhone 5 and 5S incompatible with their own phones if the device is inside one of their own cases.

On that post I commented that I found a dock in China which seems to offer what I was searching for. Today I received it and I must say, ITS GREAT!

It comes beautifully packaged in a box with protective material. The quality is amazingly great, and it comes in Black or White.

I’ve tested syncing on my MacBook Pro and also charging with an Apple wall charger and both worked just great. The dock doesn’t come with any cable, so you need to use an original lighting USB cable which you connect on the back of the dock.

I tested the unit to charge it with a non original cable and it worked, but this cables won’t work with an Apple computer to Sync data.

The best of all is that the dock costs just USD 11 and with free shipping to most parts of the world!!! Here you can find the direct link on Aliexpress to purchase it.

Here a little video I’ve recorded so you can have a better look and feel of the dock, which of course is already placed with a double side tape to my night stand table 🙂

UPDATE August 2014: Since the latest update of iOS, I am starting to receive alerts that the accessory is not compatible with the phone. So it was good till it lasted. After a long search, I decided to try out the Everdocks docks, I received them some days ago and I will write a full review about them soon.