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EASEUS-logoThe people at EaseUS contacted me commenting about this new software they released, its called MobiSaver and they claim I was going to be able to recover almost any item from my iOS devices, and all for FREE. I know EaseUS since some years ago and I know they have very nice file recovery products, so I decided to check it out.

As you can see on EaseUS website, the software claims to be the “World’s first FREE iPhone, iPad & iPod touch data recovery software for home user”.  You can recover: lost SMS, Contacts, Call history, Notes, Calendar, Reminders, Photos and Videos etc. directly from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, iPad 2/1 and iPod touch 4.


I have to say it sounded too good to be true. So I decided to do some tests to check if the software was able to deliver:

1) I created a note called “Test for EaseUS” on my iPhone 4S and then I deleted it.
2) Then I downloaded MobiSaver, installed it on my Windows 7 PC and followed the in program instructions. The home screen of the application asks you what type of item you need to recover. (Contacts/contact records, Photos/Videos, Reminders/Notes).
3) I selected Notes and then I was asked to connect my iPhone (a 4S) and I did (just make sure you unlock it before).

So the software starts scanning my device to recover notes…

Capture (Copy)
4) And after some minutes I could see exactly the note I created and deleted for the purpose of this test:

So after selecting the file I clicked on recover. Don´t Panic! The application will ask you for a serial number that you can get for free for personal usage (Businesses will have to pay USD 79 for a license) after registering the software online (you get the key at the moment). I was asked where to save the TXT file with the note I deleted before, magic! 🙂

Recovering of deleted pictures directly from the iPhone still has some problems, but the support team assured me they are working on fixing this. You can still recover pictures from an iTunes backup, but I didn’t try this. I think this would be one of the most used cases.


I always see a lot of programs claiming to do this, and they all cost something, MobiSaver is free for personal use, and proved to have worked very well with a very simple & easy to use interface. Of course will be even greater when support to directly recover deleted pictures from our devices is added soon, so keep a look at their website for new releases. I can already see several IT guys recovering the CEO´s iPhone pictures with the new version and become “magicians” in their companies :P.
On the meantime all the rest of the items can be recovered so its a helpful to have this tool handy.