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You might start seeing a lot of social media posts about #Rewfeed (can go as “RevFeed” too) and how incredible this website will give you USD 250 for free to start investing on their own “Social Media Investment platform”. The main selling point is not only that they will give you the 250 to start for free but that you will pay it back once you reach your first USD 10.000 :). They claim that they invented a “social media analyzer” that lets them predict which companies stock´s will go up or down based on people´s perception.

Sounds sweet right? Actually too sweet to be true. Check the analysis of the scam below:

But how can they make it sound more appealing?

Well, what if they tell you that Bill Gates himself recently invested  2 Billion dollars on the company? OK, they caught my attention.

But when you click on the Twitter news link which was looking as it was from, then things start to unveil by themselves:

Oh, a picture of Bill Gates & Warren Buffett? This might be true right? Well, not at all.

Check the domain where this news is published, trying to look as it was from the real CNN website but logically is not:

Clearly the real domain is “” and not “” as it should be if it would be a real news article.

Out of curiosity I clicked on one of the links in the article to check how the website would look like and what they were asking for:

The website is neatly designed, with people talking at you to register as you would be gaining a lot of money!


So I signed up with some fake details to check what was next, and this is what you would see:

As you can see immediately on the top you will see that now you dont have USD 250 for free, but that you QUALIFY to obtain it if you invite 10 more persons with your “referral link”.

The amount of people that actually posted “their referral” link to try to get the initial USD 250 is big! Check this Twitter search.

Is at this point when the website is trying to push you to add a deposit, but not before they show you through the “Try Demo Mode” link how much money you are actually missing from earning! Sounds like a missing opportunity? Naaah.

As soon as you click on the button “Deposit” you are being taken to another website with another name and domain “” where you would need to enter your credit card details to “top up” your #RewFeed account.

Time to stop

So at this point is when I decided to stop the “testing” and start writing this post to alert people to not fall into this scam.

Just a quick check on the domain “” on a website like Scam Adviser shows very valuable information to re-confirm the scam. For example the domain is only 11 days old, the server were the website is hosted claims to be in California, but in reality is hiding its real location.  There are multiple other websites hosted on the same server which to be honest, dont look very serious either. You can check the Scam Adviser report here.

People involved

It would be great to know if the following (who appear on one of the videos) are the real scammers trying to get you on board or if they are just paid actors who didn’t know who were they really working for. If I have to bet, probably is the latest, and they hired them from some website offering affordable legit services (like actors, voice overs, etc.)

To be honest I tried to use the Google Reverse image search, but couldn’t find any results 🙁

More technical background

For the ones that are interested on more technical details, these are the details of the security certificate issued for this website to show as “Secure”. Logically I will contact Comodo and Cloud Flare in the next minutes so that they can terminate these accounts and revoke the certificate to reduce the scam propagation:


So what should you do in these cases?

Simple, distrust everything as a general rule. Do your research and validations, specially on the domains of the websites you visit to ensure they are actually legit before registering, entering credit cards or other payment information.

If you found that you discover a SCAM, post it on your social media channels to alert other people.

Also, you can report the video to YouTube (as I did) in case they would use that as one of  the ways to advertise themselves so less people would fall into the scam.

Keep it mind, today its called “Rewfeed” tomorrow it can be called however they like.