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Stop Candy Crush Saga from annoying your friends Facebook timeline

Please_Stop_Candy_Crush_SagaI have a lot of friends who play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. I really don’t play much anything and it is starting to be irritating to have a lot of automatic posts in my Facebook timeline about how my friends are doing with their game progress.

I don’t blame them, they probably don’t know that this is happening or maybe they totally ignore these messages as most of them are fans of the game 🙂

I prepared this short message you can share on your Facebook timeline so that your friends can disable the auto post functionality by Candy Crush Saga. A lot of your friends will really thank you:

Dear Facebook friend, although it’s great that you appreciate your great CANDY CRUSH SAGA game, several of us just don’t play it. We are also NOT interested on receiving updates on your behalf telling us how well you are doing with it. PLEASE follow these basic steps to disable CANDY CRASH SAGA to publish on your behalf and to stop allowing this app from harassing my timeline.

1) On Facebook go to: “Account Settings” (on the upper right side of your screen)
2) On the left side choose “Apps”.
3) On the App Setting list search for “Candy Crush Saga” and click on “Edit”.
4) Where it says: “This App can also: Post on your behalf” delete the option by clicking on the little “x” on the right.
5) Done!


Thank you, Your Facebook friend.

UPDATE: Also what you can do is totally block the application on your Facebook and you shouldn’t receive any updates from it.

UPDATE 2: For any other application or Game like:  Farm Heroes Saga which also started to spam my timeline you can enter the app page here and select “block” on the lower right corner of the page.

Please help me spread the word and share this on your favorite social networks below. Thanks!

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  1. When you see ur friends on the CC map and the levels they’re on, does that mean they’re playing right then? If I can’t find them on the map does that mean they’re not playing?

  2. Thanks!

  3. i play candy crush on my phone but when i need life the only friend that show up on my phone is friend that do not play candy crush what to do….

  4. How do I delete my 902 requests from friends without losing the Levell Im on ??? Please help me !!!

  5. Can I play Candy Crush Saga without playing it through Facebook so I won’t annoy my FB friends? Please advise. Thanks!

    • Follow the steps above and cross the option “POST ON YOUR BEHALF ” something like that… and your freinds will not be annoyed

  6. How TO turn this option back on????????? PLease tell me… I followed ur instructions and deleted it… BUT now in case i want it back.. what am i supposed to do???? HELP!

  7. I do not any option for this topic! I followed the directions to the hilt and do not see an option to cease posting on my behalf

  8. Thanks Fernando for the post. God bless. 🙂


    • all you have to do is search the friend that you removed and then TURN OFF the NOTIFICATION

  10. Would you help me please… how can i remove friends from candy crush saga and theyre no longer too on my facebook friends.


      • hello ingrid… search your the person you unfriend and then TRUN OFF the NOTIFICATION

  11. Hello
    Im planning desactuvate my facebook account. Can i still playing candy crush? Im at level 195 and i want continue play that game but im afraid about remove all my activity on candy crush. Thank you.

  12. how do i delete friends who r no longer friends from my games? Like candy crush saga and pet rescue saga?

  13. Hey how can i erase all my activity on candy crush saga? I removed the app and then checked it out but im still on the 29 level and i want to start over, delete it how can i do that?? impossible?

  14. How can I delete requests for livesin candy crush saga. I have a friend who requests lives back to back. Like 10 @ a time. Help!!!!

  15. How do I block candy crush on my ipad? I have never played the game but other people have and Injust keep getting messages!!, aaaarrrrrggghhhh!!,

  16. Comment for some reason all my friends that play candy crush were deleted from my list of friends to ask lives for. How can I get them back on the list

  17. Hi Fernando, I couldn’t find “Posts on your behalf” under the edit section of the app account settings. It’s just not there. All of my apps has been marked as “only me” for visibility, and yet candycrush still managed to post on my timeline, ex. “XXX have just completed level XXX”. I do not know how to disable that. Could you please help?

  18. How do you block the app? is that the same as removing? will that then prevent it from showing what levels friends are on? I just want it to stop sending request and invities out under my name

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for your contact, just take the time to read the post and follow the instructions 🙂

      • Tried and have had it set to only me but friends that don’t play still get requests from me.

  19. I play candy crush through Facebook and there is now way to log out. If I delete my Facebook account completely will my candy crush game disappear as well? Meaning will my picture and status appear on my friends’ games?

    • Just block the application as stated at the end of the post and you should be ok. Good luck!

  20. How can i remove my one of my friend in candycrash?she’s annoying me!

  21. I did that yesterday but i still get requests to play…help it’s annoying!

    • Hi Nikki, have you tried blocking the app as suggested on the post update on the bottom?

    • Hi Fernando, ok blocking has done it! Thank you so much:)

      • I am glad it worked fine 😉

  22. thanks so much. this has really been annoying me.

  23. Thank you so much – this has been driving me crazy! They are absolutely spamming!

  24. Thanks a mill!!!!!

  25. Comment

  26. I did this and then my candy crush app on my ipad says I need to connect to Facebook. Any suggestions?

  27. alternatively you can simply delete the update and then click to block and receive no more candy crush notifications and thus you do not risk offending your friends. its actually quicker and easier to do that than it is for your friends to change their candy crush settings.

    • How can I do this Zuzu? I do not have the app so I cannot delete the ‘update’ Messages can only be reported as spam, or hidden from my timeline. I just want all this rubbish candy crush to stop invading my space!

      • I would then install the app and then block it 😉

  28. Thanks! I had no idea CC spammed my friends that much. Everytime I succeeded a level I chose NOT to share it on Facebook.