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Today I received over WhatsApp an image from a friend asking which colors I saw on a picture of a dress. To be honest this took a very long discussion between a lot of friends and family about the colors each people saw on that dress.

I clearly saw the dress blue and black, while my wife and many other people saw the same dress White and Gold.

The idea that somebody beside me, watching the same image that I was looking was telling something “completely opposite” sounded unbelievable. With my wife we started laughing like hell, because we got nervous, not understanding how something we were both watching was perceived completely different.

Well, the reason, I don’t yet understand it, but what we could discover with some friends, is that if you invert the colors of the original image that was being distributed, you would see it the opposite way.

If you were on the group claiming that the dress was Gold and White, I am sorry to disappoint you, but the dress is originally Blue and Black, and here you can find the link of it being sold on with its name and all: “Roman Women’s Lace Detail Bodycon Dress Royal Blue“.

To further clarify, below you can see on the left side, the original image that was distributed all over the internet where the Blue and Black colors are clearly seen,  and on the right side the same image with its colors inverted, where “maybe”  you can see the Gold and White.

Why the hell some people sees it with the colors inverted, that, will still remain to be a mystery :).  Feel free to leave your comments below on how do you perceive the left or right image.

Update: My wife came to me and told me the image I published on the post was the same left and right 🙂 this is precious 🙂