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ITCP_Avatar_Fondo_Transparente_200x188With the beginning of the new year I would like to invite all tech users to participate on a project I am starting. Along my years of IT consulting I found that I was writing too many guides for users to resolve issues, but I was not compiling all these things in a central database for easy look up or reference when the issue repeats or is needed to forward it to a user.

Today I am launching and I would like to invite every tech profiled reader of my blog to pro-actively add content to this Wiki. So we can easily reference them later whenever we need them.

To add articles to the Wiki, I would request some basic guidelines to be followed:

– The main idea is that the articles should be generic, not referenced to a person in particular but as much as generalized as possible so everybody can benefit from them.

– The guides must be clear, and at the same time simple, print screens are always nice to see as they help the user to locate himself with ease.

Any type of nice guides are welcome, I will be creating videos with Camtasia for example and also step by step guides directly on posts.

Please avoid guides on attachments (PDF´s and DOC´s) the idea is that the guides can be accessible directly through a post.

If you are interested on gaining access to start writing, drop me a message through my contact form below:

[customcontact form=1]