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windows-to-mac-keyboardsI´ve been a Windows user all my life, since I started with Windows 3.11 up to now. I´ve seen good products like Windows XP and Windows 7 and I saw terrible products like Windows 98, Windows Millennium & Windows Vista. During a decade and a half I´ve set up my own computers, buying motherboard, processor, RAM, etc. and putting them together in a case. I´ve also been doing this for all type of costumers and I somehow keep on doing this  up to date. I provide IT Solutions.

The battle against Apple computers and Windows PC´s has been ongoing since I have IT knowledge. I remember working with my cousin in Chile (he is a designer) only using Apple Macintosh computers, they were always working nicely, powerfully and stable. Around the year 1997 the company was about to close, when Microsoft (yes, you read correctly), saved the company investing 150 Million USD. At that time Microsoft needed Apple to avoid any antitrust issues (monopoly) so saving Apple was good for Microsoft too. The deal also included the chance for Microsoft to develop Microsoft Office for the Mac, and other collaborations.

So what happened from the moment Steve Job´s company was saved by Bill Gates the company started to slowly grow and grow, introducing quality products and using OSX as their OS for computers, and iOS for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods and so. This products not only have an incredible design but their built quality is really great, although yes, in general they are costly, which I am going to comment about later on this post.

I personally never had the chance to buy an Apple computer, several times I was about to, and the idea of spending 2 or 3 times more what I could pay for a nice configuration set up by myself ended me convincing to go for this path. Also, where I was living (Argentina) we didn’t have friendly prices at all. Today, the time has come, I will buy a MacBook Pro laptop with Retina Display (probably). I will wait for the WWDC (Apple´s developers event) that is going to be held from June 10 to June 14, 2013. The company is supposed to launch refreshed models of their computer lines as published by the prestigious online buyers guide from MacRumors.

Why the change?
For me 3 main points where the trigger to take this decision:

1) I took the decision to move from Windows to Apple because I am on a stage in my life where I want to try a different platform, a more mature, less troubled and better built platform, which for me, is offered by Apple. I started to try Apple products when my wife (at that time girlfriend :)) gave me an iPod Nano 6th generation as a birthday present a couple of years ago. I´ve been using this iPod nano mainly just as a watch, and I love it (although it was not designed to be a watch). Then, when I moved to Switzerland I got an iPhone 4S by the company I started working for. Before that, I had a Samsung Galaxy S (the first one) and Android was not working as good as it is now and the hardware was not so powerful yet. My experience with the iPhone was amazing, I really liked it, although the lack of flexibility I was used to with my Android phone. The third item I purchased was an iPad 3rd generation, which confirmed that Apple products where really great and offered me a range of beautiful products that just worked for me. Now its the turn of my main computer, and after reading, watching videos and driving crazy friends, I came to the decision to do it.

2) Another thing that was preventing me to do the switch was that I was not sure about how I would be able to run Windows within OSX, I would still need Windows to run certain applications and to support the platform too. Last year I´ve configured Parallels on a MacBook Air from my sister in law and immediately felt in love with the Coherence mode, a way you can run Windows apps directly on the OSX interface, without restarting, or working only on a virtual machine, beautiful!
Of course if needed I could also use a fully Windows installation with BootCamp, as I wrote about some days back, the MacBook Pro is the best laptop to run Windows 🙂

3) Finally but not least, I was feeling clueless when people reached me asking for help if they should get a Mac or not without having the experience myself. So I think this will add value to my overall experience personally and professionally speaking. I will be able to help people and talk with the experience.

The Apple vs Windows hate
While reading a lot of reviews about different computer models from Apple, I came across a lot of Apple fan´s and a lot of Windows lovers that just hated Apple. I don’t understand why somebody would hate a product that just works better in sense of stability and productivity and its not just me saying it, its millions of people who once did the change…well, like the phrase: “Once you go Mac, you never go back”, lets see if that is true for me too.

I think a lot of people cant afford buying a Mac, and I am one of them, while I am waiting for the latest version that would probably be announced in June, I am saving the money to be able to buy what I want. I believe the high cost of my new Apple computer will return in more free time. I should not waste any more time re installing Windows because something odd happened or a software played fool with my OS.

While reading online posts about the MacBook Pro I read a beautiful phrase that sums it all about this hate: “You don’t have to hate what you cant afford”.

What do you think? Do you use Windows or Mac?  Would you like to share your opinion below?

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