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techSome weeks ago I had a couple of job interviews, and in one of them the manager commented me: “We need someone really crazy about technology”. I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the interview, its just that when you hear all the things the job is about and you feel that 90% of them match with what you´ve been doing and you want to do in the future, it was very difficult to clear the smile on my face.

My passion for technology started when I was in primary school, so that was around 1990 or so, I was 10 years old and I was asking all the time DOS commands to a friend who already had a computer for years (I didn’t even have one yet). Then after an incredible amount of hours on BBS´s (Oh, I really got into many troubles with my dad and the phone bill) and afterwards on the Internet researching, learning, chatting with people on the other side of the world (yes it was incredible at that time!) it was inevitable, I was passionate about technology…
Fortunately all the jobs I had where technology related, some where more interesting than others of course, but they were all about consulting, computers, IT Support, networks, backup robots and so. During my experience I´ve seen a lot of things (not all of course) but I remember buying my first copy of Windows 95 the first day it was released in my country in 17 DMF 3.5 diskettes! CD recorders costed more than 5.000 dollars so it was something very difficult to see. Actually I remember paying USD 60 to a company for saving my first 650 MB CD with a backup of some pictures and files, it was amazing! 🙂

As a tech guy every time something new is released I read a lot about it and nowadays thanks to all the blogs, videos and the speed of the Internet you can have access to a lot of unboxing´s, reviews, comments and opinions of almost any product released on any part of the world. I know not every tech person is like this, some days ago I was having a coffee with a colleague at work and talking (as passionate as I usually am) about some new software and hardware…the reaction on the other side was “I am really not into it”, so I changed to another tech subject, and I felt the same feedback. So I know this is not for everybody, some people understand it, some others think you are crazy (literally). In the end all my family and friends always benefited of the uncountable amount of hours I spend on a monthly basis helping them, and don’t get me wrong, I do it with pleasure (although I sometimes get really tired). Its just the feeling of being able to help someone that really doesn’t know how to do something, or cant spend the money on fixing that, or solve a tech problem.
I guess is like an addiction of new stuff, of knowing of learning all the time, and the feeling is great.

My wife and I are still settling down in Switzerland, an awesome country which has a very nice characteristic, most of the worldwide launched stuff is available on the date of launch or some days/weeks later. This didn’t happen at all in Argentina where we used to live before. Here, I receive every week a brochure with amazing prices for amazing products and its very difficult to actually “hold” yourself not to go out and buy everything you want to try 🙂

Now I am in a particular situation, as you may have read on a previous post, I took the decision to migrate to a MacBook Pro after 17 years of working on a Windows environment. But I was expecting Apple to release the refreshed line of the new Apple Pro laptops during the WWDC 2013 some weeks ago, but they didn’t. Instead they announced the refresh of the MacBook Air, which is nice, but not what I want as my desktop replacement.
As usual I can see how the prices of the MacBook Pro´s and even from the Thunderbolt display´s are dropping (because of the imminent refresh), and let me tell you, its tempting… But, I am being patient and just wait for the refresh that should come at any time from now till around September 2013 or “this fall” as Apple likes to call it, together with other products to be announced.

All this waiting is an exercise of patience, the same way you need to be patient for that call you are expecting or that email confirming that position you really desire, this is just one more thing that will teach yourself how to wait for something you really want, to enjoy it even more when you get it.