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I love how sharp the TarDisk fits on the SD card slot of a Mac

TarDisk its Kickstarter project that offers a simple and secure way to double or triple the storage of your Macbook, by using your SD slot (depending on how much you currently have).

Because a lot of people actually don’t use that often the SD card slot, the guys at TarDisk came up with this great idea of taking advantage of it. You can have up to 256 GB of storage (for now) on a little SD card to expand your Mac’s storage capacity, in a very simple way and on the fly!

The storage works exactly the same way as when you insert your SD card to download the pictures of your camera, but there are some main differences that make this a unique product:

– The size of the SD card fits exactly to the edge of the model of your laptop (check the pictures), not like others which are too big and “fly around”exposing the possibility of theft, clipping it with something by mistake or lose it.

– Its fast! The average speeds of the 256 GB module are 100 MB/s to read and 80 MB/s to write on it, so you will get faster speeds than most of the USB3 memory sticks that won’t look so sharp either.

Check how small the TarDisk is when placed a side a Storedge SD card

– The SD card has a unibody aluminium chassis that serves as a heat sink boosting performance and stability when you access the data on it.

You have the chance to get one before anybody else by pledging on their KickStarter campaign that already raised more than 100.000 USD from their original goal of USD 32.500 so it has become a great success! But hurry up! There are only 3 days left!

Imagine adding 256 GB of storage to your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air! You wont have to worry about your pictures and movies not being with you anymore 🙂

I will definitely try one of these babies! I’ll let you know when I get mine and I will write the proper review of it.