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In June 2011 my girlfriend gave as a birthday present an iPod Nano sixth-generation. I loved it. It was a nice iPod with FM Radio and the most important side of it (at least for me) she also gave me an iWatchZ wrist band so I could use it as a watch!

For some reason Apple didnt like the idea of people wearing the tinniest iPod as a watch because the new seventh-generation of iPod Nano announced on Sept. 12 2012, is larger, impossible to use as one…

I thought companies like iWatchZ had a great idea when they decided to take a step forward in the creation of a watch band where your iPod nano (6) could fit tight. And even their products are still being sold on the Apple Store as accessories. But, what will happen now?

I think on two possible paths:

a) Apple just changed the model of the iPod Nano by making it larger and de-promoting its use as a wrist watch.

b) Apple has other plans and maybe, they are thinking on releasing a watch version created by Apple itself.

If (b) might be the path, the launch could occur in a couple of months maybe with the release of the new iPad Mini already rumoured. If this happens, will Apple buy iWatchZ? Maybe…

Its strange that Apple promoted the use of the iPod nano as a wrist watch, even by adding clock faces a couple of months after the device was released, and now they completely dissolve it by not sell it any more.
You can check all the iPod´s Nano versions and specs on the following Wikipedia link.

What about you, do you use an iPod Nano (6) as a watch?