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Check this two Black Fridays deals of Mac Apps bundles you might be interested in:

The Productive Mac Bundle (Pay what you want!)

– CopyLess: Clipboard empowerment!

– Dayspring: Your personal RSS reader.

– Privatus: Automated privacy protection.

– The Archive Browser: Browse the contents of archives: ZIP, RAR, TAR etc.

– X-Mirage: Mirror and record your iOS display on the Mac!

– Meta: Meta tagging for mail.

– SecureSend: Keep your data private!

Click on the following banner to see more details and pricing.

Paddle Holiday Bundle (Super price!)

– Dropclip: Quickly exchange Dropbox direct links!

– Dropzone: Get things done on your Mac.

– Temperature Gauge Pro: Manage your Mac temperature!

– Letter Opener Pro: No more cryptic emails!

– Throng: Stress-test your webserver!

– iResizer: Scale images without diminishing key elements!

– Time Tracker: Spend your time wisely!

– Moneybag: Money manager and financial analysis.

– SnapRuler: Effective on-screen measuring.

– Taskdesk: Lightweight to-do management from the menubar!

– Changes: Track file and directory changes; with awesome service integration.

– Toau: Less reading, more listening

Click on the following banner to see more details and pricing.