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 I made some research which took quite some time, so I thought on sharing it in this post so you can also benefit of the information.

I was looking for a Thunderbolt 3 Dock which would allow me to connect my external ultra wide screen, keyboard, mouse, Ethernet network and some other things to the dock and then with the plug of one single Thunderbolt 3 cable from the dock to a 2017 MacBook Pro 15″ which I ordered. I would like to be able to connect all the things AND charge the notebook at the same time without the need to plug the power adapter of the Mac.
You have to be careful because not all docks charge a MacBook Pro 15″ (they dont have enough power).
The only models that would do so until today (July 19th 2017) are:

Price USD 300 approx.
Price USD 350 approx.
Price: USD 300 approx.
Price: USD 350 approx.
The ideal dock is the OWC which has a lot of ports, but unfortunately I think they had a design problem and didn’t think that they would need enough power on the dock to charge a 15″ MacBook Pro 🙁 really a pity.
The idea behind is that I would always have my things connected to my desktop dock and I can keep the Apple charger in my back pack for when going on the road, and at home my notebook charger would be the dock.
I will probably buy the one from El Gato or Belkin. The Caldigit is too big and I read some bad reviews about the Kesington, but maybe you have one of these and you want to share your experience to help others?