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securityThe following article outlines some the best ways to keep your data safe from malware. It talks about some handy tips that you can easily do and stay safe from data hackers.

The world is digitizing with every passing day. We are constantly moving towards a paperless kind of a world. This naturally implies that the number of electronic devices and technology has consequently risen steadily.

This has rendered life quite easy for people. At work they have their desktops, at home laptops and mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets while on the go. But are you sure that your data (which is accessible from so many places) is absolutely safe? If your answer comes with a slight hesitation, here are a few tips on how you can keep your data safe.

Security Suite

We have all heard somebody or the other losing out on their data by hackers, but have we paid attention to installing a security suite? The answer more often than not is NO. Please note that if you want to rest assured with your data around, you must install a security suite on your device BEFORE you install the data. Also, try avoiding cheap local ones and go for a reliable one. Once you have installed your antivirus, it is safe to move on with installing your data.


Keep a note of how much data you are sharing and with which device. Although it seems easier to have everything synced everywhere, it may cause trouble later. Keep only the required data at each device based on how much you will need it while accessing it from there.


Most often many of the problematic viruses and malware enter the system when the user installs something from the internet. Please be very careful about what you install and check the reliability of these sites. You can use some online virus detection services to scan the file online itself, before downloading it. If you think that the site looks suspicious, do not hesitate to ask others in the community about it.


Like it or not, the only best way to save your docs is to have a really strong password. Everything these days is password protected. So ensure that you do not repeat your passwords or keep the same password for various accounts. Ensure that your password is long enough and is alphanumerical. You can also use special characters like *, # or @ to complicate it.


It may be a really good idea to use a VPN while using public networks, because, like the network is open for you, it may be open for someone else as well. It becomes very easy to break into your database while on public networks. Using VPNs ensures that you can safeguard your data even while it is an open network.

Switch off unused services

If you are not using your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, PLEASE switch it off. Bluetooth is probably the easiest way to enter into a system. Not only will switching it off save your database from potential hackers, but will also extend your battery life.


These are very basic things that you can do to safeguard your data from Malware. However, the key to stay safe is to stay alert. Be aware of what you are doing, and the best possible ways to stay protected. Try to keep all your softwares updated. Lastly, if you care for all these aspects, you will have a relatively safer data environment.