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iPad-MouseThe following is a list of reasons on why Apple should support the use of a mouse on the iPad.

1) I already do a lot of things with the iPad. Several other things I wish to be able to do them with the iPad but I cant because using touchpad for them is really a pain.

2) Its really complicated to select a cell on an Excel sheet. OK, not Excel but any other spreadsheet App. I don’t want to zoom in to be able to correctly select the cell I want.

3) Using an RDP (Remote Desktop) or TeamViewer session with the touch interface is not comfortable at all. In the end you are trying to control a remote computer designed to work with a mouse, without it. 

4) Nowadays you can get a really nice keyboards like the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and it turns your tablet into almost a light notebook. If you have to type a lot, this keyboard is just great! But its missing something…the eternal partner…the mouse.

5) If I am using the iPad with my keyboard, I don’t want to touch my iPad screen making it dirty with my fingers. I am using my tablet as a “tabletbook” . If you allowed the use of a keyboard for it, why not allow the mouse?

6) I´ve been researching about connecting a Bluetooth mouse with an iPad. Its not possible unless you jail brake your device. It would be nice to see Apple providing a solution to what people is asking for, no, it wont replace a MacBook Air and less a MacBook Pro so don’t panic about the negative impact on sales. In fact, adding more functionality to the iPad will make buyers to really think twice on buying that netbook or cheap laptop.

7) I don’t know how the tablet market will evolve but I am watching a lot of similar devices like the iPad offering a more complete experience. A lot of users are satisfied with just a tablet to work or to have at home, so why not extending its functionality for the other part of the market that is willing to buy these type of devices?

8) Come on Apple, you are already “killing” the PC market, complete the solution with the mouse and we will be more happy with our iPad´s.

In the end, why does it hurt so much to be a little bit more flexible and allow the users that paid a lot of money for their iPad´s to do what the want?

Am I missing a point? Please share your comments below.