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Yesterday Apple held an event to present new products and a refresh for the Mac´s. Unfortunately almost all the specks of the presented products have been leaked for months now so there were not so many surprises, but here they are:

iPad Mini and iPad 4
The new iPad Mini (now confirmed) comes to fight for a 7.9″ tablet market. The overall product is nice, its a mix of the iPad 2 and the iPad 3. It is really light (308 grams) & thin (7.2 mm) and comes with a 5MP iSight camera on the back plus a 720p camera on the front to take advantage of Facetime (this is something very good actually as the Nexus 7 doesn’t have a back camera). Also, as expected it has the new Lightning connector…

Overall I think the product will be a success, but Apple they failed to achieve release a greater product:
– Processor: Apple is using the A5 processor (the same of the iPad 2), they should have included already the A6X.
– Screen: It doesn’t have a Retina Display quality screen but the iPad 2 screen, which is not bad, but we are already used to Retina.
– Price Tag: In my opinion they should have launched the product with a price tag of no more than USD 249, instead the 16 GB Wifi model costs USD 329. I guess they didn’t lowered the price because the iPod´s would have loose a lot of more sales. I think in the end the iPad Mini and the iPod will become one product, lets see.

I know there are commercial reasons for all these points and not technological problems, but it would have been nice to see Apple over achieve on their product presentations by really overcome expectations of the users. Without making people think that they want to suck all your money from your pockets.
You can watch the iPad Mini features video on this link.

Together with the iPad Mini the iPad 4th generation has been announced (yes, I know, only 7 months from the launch of the iPad 3), the refresh was an updated processor and GPU to double speed and changed the 30 pin connector with the new lightning one. Also they say that the Wifi will work faster than previous versions.

The iMac product line has been refreshed (finally) with a complete re-design. When you see the new iMac from a side you can notice that the border is very, very thin, then it gets at least double bigger when closer to the center. I have to say its beautiful. Of course processor and RAM was updated but the most interesting technology Apple released was the new Fussion Drive. This new drive provides a better overall and speedy experience by putting together a 128 GB SSD with a standard 1 TB drive (or more), they become one unit and it is automatically configured as one volume. OSX will move the most frequently used applications and files to the SSD drive so everything you use the most is there faster for you this is done automatically.

Although these hybrid technology drives are not new its the first time Apple implements them on their devices and this is great. The price of the 21.5 inch iMac starts at USD 1299. And no, they don’t come with Retina Display (another miss). You can watch beautiful pictures of the design on Apple´s website here.

Mac Mini
A lot of people use their Mac Mini´s as a home server and I find it quite great because its price tag doesn’t denies this possibility. Its been a while since the Mini gets a hardware refresh and yesterday finally arrived. Better processor, better RAM, USB 3 ports and more. Also you can configure a Fussion drive on it. Its price tag starts in USD 599.

MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display
An Apple executive commented yesterday that “the MacBook Pro 13″ is the best selling Apple notebook”. Because they want to keep it that way they really re-built it, made it lighter (1.61 Kg) and thinner (1.9 cm) and they added a Retina Display which people already love. They also took away the Super Drive unit and comes only with SSD drives of different sizes you can choose (up to 768 GB). The price from USD 1699. This is a very nice notebook and every geek will love to have one :).

Well, these were the Apple presentations, if you would like to see the complete event you can check the online video on this link.

What do you think about Apple product presentation? Share your opinion below.