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Hi there! Just wanted to share with you a request I´ve just submitted to Facebook.

Hi, I´ve been adding a lot of pictures from my life. I´ve added the date or the year the picture was taken. As I find more pictures I add them, but the problem is that then they are all mixed up in the album. I am a baby on the first picture and the second one maybe is when I was 30.

I know I could arrange all the pictures by dragging and dropping the albums but when you have a lot of pictures it really takes a lot of time.
It would be great if you could implement a “Sort” button, allowing us to click there and make sure all the pictures we add are shown according to the date we defined in chronological order. Basically the same thing Facebook already does with the Timeline itself but for albums.
Thanks in advance for taking in consideration this update.

What do you think of this request? Should they implement it? Please share your comments below.