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I was wondering how Apple and Samsung where doing in regards of SAR (Specific Absorption Rates) values for mobile phones so on this post I am going to share with you where some of their most known devices stand.

Mobile phones use high frequency electromagnetic fields for voice and data transmission. When you talk to someone with your mobile phone, the energy of these fields is party absorbed in the head (unless you are using a headset) or by your body if the device is for example, in your pocket.

SAR is measured in Watt per Kilogram, in order to avoid adverse health effects, the specific SAR for mobile phones cannot exceed 2 Watts per Kilogram. Currently there are no mobile phones in the market that exceed this recommended number, still I think it might be a good idea to consider the SAR value before making a purchase, or not?

Apple iPhone Mobiles historical values until iPhone X – April 2018.

Model SAR Value (at the ear) SAR value (near the body)
iPhone 0.62 0.003
iPhone 3G 0.88 0.56
iPhone 3GS 1.1 0.45
iPhone 4 0.93 0.74
iPhone 4S 0.99 0.99
iPhone 5 0.9 0.95
iPhone 5S 0.98 0.97
iPhone 5C 0.96 1
iPhone 6 0.97 0.98
iPhone 6S 0.87 0.98
iPhone SE 0.72 0.97
iPhone 7 1.38 1.34
iPhone 7 Plus 1.24 1
iPhone 8 1.32 1.36
iPhone 8 Plus 0.99 0.99
iPhone X 0.92 0.95


Samsung Mobiles historical values until Samsung Galaxy S8 – April 2018.

Model SAR Value (at the ear) SAR value (near the body)
Samsung Galaxy S 0.24
Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus 0.33 0.33
Samsung Galaxy S3 0.24 0.24
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini 0.52 0.58
Samsung Galaxy S4 0.29 0.4
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 0.68 0.5
Samsung Galaxy S5 0.56 0.41
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini 0.97 0.56
Samsung Galaxy S6 0.38 0.5
Samsung Galaxy S7 0.41 1.48
Samsung Galaxy S8 0.32 1.27
Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) 0.99 1.17
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) 0.66 1.32
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) 0.35 1.36
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) 0.35 1.38
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) 0.52 1.39
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 0.37 0.38
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 0.9 0.97

Source for SAR values:


Some health recommendations

The BFS.DE, a German organism which measures SAR from different manufacturers, have some recommendations about the utilisation of mobile devices. Although its still uncertain if long term exposure to mobile devices can have adversed effects on one’s health some precaution measures have been shared by the organism.

Some of them are:

  • Avoid using the mobile device if possible.
  • Use Wifi when possible which irradiates much lower levels than 3G or 4G networks.
  • Use headsets when possible to avoid having your phone close to your ear.
  • Consider buying phones which have lower SAR to minimise exposure.
  • Avoid making calls when having poor reception as the device has to use extra power to connect.

You can read more about this on their website.

What do you think about SAR values? Do you consider this when making your purchase decision? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.