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It seems this time Apple is in real trouble, as you may have heard, several buyers of the iPhone 6 Plus have complained about having issues with their phones while wearing them on their front trousers pockets or while sitting on them when carrying them on their back pockets. The problem is that after exposing these phones to some normal wearing pressure, they start to bend, and the #BendGate was born. I can understand if it bends if you sit on it, but not if you use it on your front pocket…

Yes, the company that you thought would never have a problem like this, because of their design and fabrication “High standards” is actually having a problem that will definitely have a negative effect on their image.

I personally would have never thought that Apple would have an issue like this…clearly, they could have done better and maybe focus on testing their phones properly instead of being focused on the secrecy part.

I don’t understand how companies of this size, with thousands of people working on the project and millions of dollars invested in R&D have this type of problems. You have to remember, the iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB costs almost USD 1000, so I think you should expect top quality for this price. Its going to be interesting to see if their stock value will be affected by this. Apple didn’t comment on the matter till the moment I’ve published this post.


To add even more spice to the issue, Unbox Therapy did the test with the iPhone 6 Plus and bended, then they did the same test with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and it didn’t bend at all!

How long is Samsung going to take to actually make one of their sharp ads showing this fact ?

What do you think about this issue Apple is having with their phones? Does it makes you rethink your purchase? Do you think Apple has to make a recall of the bended phones and exchange them? Please share your thoughts below on the comments section.

Update: Oct. 6 2014: After several days passed after the first complaints on the #BendGate case, Apple released a statement some days ago saying that the iPhone is solid, and that only 9 persons had issues with bent devices. Also Consumer Reports made their own test not only on iPhone’s but also on other devices, showing that the iPhone 6 and 6 plus durability when put under a lot of pressure where good.  So it seems it was more noise than real life issues…

Here the two tests done by Unbox Therapy (which until 6th of October 2014 it accumulated more than 52 million views!)